READ I NEED HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Chapter 1


ok this is for if u r a caring person and u want to help.

Ok so my chorus teacher is a little Disney crazy and he decided to do 3 musicals this year. So the first one is The Lion King and I auditioned and I got the role of Nala (both young and older). And then there is Mulan but auditions don't happen till a week. And then the Lion King 2 and I got the role of Kiara. Only the people in chorus ge to do the lion kings unless u are one of the first 30 people to sign ip. And so Annemarie helped me with this so I need help with all my lines and I need someone to pratice with. So what she did was she gave a line from any character in the lion king 1 or 2 and I had to guess who said it and then she gave me line from a character and I have to say my line that is nex and we go on and on. So can u help me? If u say yes u can go onto for lines. Thanks! message me if u want to help!!!!!


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