2011 Quibblo Choice awards!!!!!

Hey guys, we have about 2 months left until the end of 2011, and we need to start casting out votes NOW for the Best stories on Quibblo! Hi it's Skye, and here is how this is gonna work: You can vote for someone's story be messaging me, or posting a comment to this Story (but messaging me is much easier to count) you can vote for each topic, but you can NOT vote for the same story twice in the same category. If you have any questions leave a comment below. Good Luck!

Chapter 1

Quibblo Story Themes

Here are the category's, and if I miss one please leave a comment because each category should have a chance.(: BTW the numbers are not a list of which category is the best, they are all at random.

1. Best Love Story

2. Best Group Story

3. Best Chain Story

4. Best Percy Jackson Fan fiction

5. Best Twilight Love Story

6. Best Percy Jackson Love Story

7. Best Micheal Jackson Story

8. Best Harry Potter love story (includes a fred love story, sirius etc.)

9. Best Draco Malfoy Love Story

10.Best Star Kid (love) Story

11. Best Glee Story

12. Best ORIGINAL Story

13. Best Justin Bieber Love Story

14. Best Darren Criss Love Story

15. Best Jacob Black Love Story

16. Best Hunger Games fan Fic.

17. Best Hunger Games Love Story

18. Best Sonamy Story

***. The Story does NOT have to be finished, but please make it as long as you can because i don't want alot of the winners have stories that only have one chapter(: The voting will end around November so start writing!!!!

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