Why are there two of you? A weasley twin love story(year 2 & 3)

Chapter 1

Platform and train

Quick Review of Year 2:
''Nothing happens except the twins making the team, Lee becoming the commentator for Quidditch, and Brittany broke a arm for about, three minutes from a Quidditch try-out, but she becomes the Quidditch manager''

3rd year

"Thank you Mr. Johnson!" I said, stepping out of Angelina's fathers car. I had stayed with Angelina for most of the summer, even on my birthday.
"No problem!" He said before driving away.
We both started walking towards the train station, when I heard the voice of Lee say,
"Can you believe that? Haven't seen my sister all summer, and she walks on by, ignoring me. The nerve." I turned, and practically ran into Lee's open arms.
"Lee! I've missed you!" I said, shaking my head.
"Well, I personally loved my time away from you." He said. I frowned.
"You make it sound like I never leave your side." I said. He just shrugged.
"Hello, Angelina." Lee said, giving her a unexpected hug. I tried hardest not to laugh because we had been arguing about how her and Lee would make a adorable couple.
"Hullo, Lee." She said, patting his back a little. He let go, grabbed a suspicious looking box off the ground, and we all walked to the train platform, where we saw Lexy.
"Lexy!" I called. She turned, and her smile brightened as we made our way over to her.
After hugging and going through the platform, we all put our stuff on the train, and looked for compartments.
Angelina, being pulled away by her group of friends, left only Lexy, Lee, and I. We found a empty compartment, and Lee left to go find the twins. Lexy and I started up a conversation, till the door slid open, and I found myself looking at two un-recognizable boys.
They had both gotten considerably taller, their hair redder, more freckles, but they both seemed in a way, different. Especially Fred.
"Hey, you guys." I said, grinning at them. They sniffed. "What?"
"We haven't heard from you all summer, and then you think you can just say 'Hey, you guys' and we'll forgive you?" George said in a hurt voice. I rolled my eyes, and stood up to give them hugs.
"That's better." Fred said as I embraced him.
"You to, Lexy." George said. She crossed her arms. George then stooped down, and scooped up Lexy, who was laughing and telling him to put her down.
After that, the twins left with Lee to go see about a prank customer. Lexy turned to me.
"Is it just me, or did they get sort of cuter?" She asked. I gave her a look of disbelief.
"Lexy." I said.
"I'm Serious. We should really consider them." She said. I couldn't help but chuckle.
"I'll keep that in mind." I said, surely not taking it seriously. But, she did have a point. They did look probably, by like, 2% more handsome, but of course, I'll never admit it. Besides, why would either of them me?

Fred's POV

'''God, Brittany looks cute.''' was my first thought when we said our hellos. I don't know why, but I couldn't help but think of her when we got our letters, and for some reason, my heart fluttered, and after that, I always think of her. When she had given us the hugs, I took in every detail about her. She smelled of a fruity candy like skittles or something and mints. Her hair was soft, and I could see the brown turning lighter. She was warm, and her skin soft, and that’s just from a hug.
While walking to our prank customer, I thought about this so hard, I nearly ran into Alexandra, a Ravenclaw in our year and Brittany's archenemy , and her idiot boyfriend, Jeremy.
"Move, Weasels." Jeremy said.
"Jer, don't be mean." Alexandra said, batting her eyelashes at me, making me blush a little.
"Yeah, Jer. Don't be mean." George said in a mock voice. Jeremy snarled, I swear. After passing them, we got to our customer, a 4th year Gryffindor named Joseph. He told us his problem, and we immediately came up with a prank to pull, and we headed back to the girl compartment.

Brittany's POV

By the time the boys got back, we were way past the cute conversation, and instead talking about our summer. Lexy was just starting to talk, when the glass door opened, and they all entered.
"Oh! Our summers were wonderful!" Fred said, sliding in next to me. I scooted over a little.
"We didn't need to-" I started.
"Lee came over, and stayed most of the summer. We made new pranks, jokes, and more ideas that need to be tried." He continued, looking at Lexy and I.
"You swore to it." I said.
"Actually, we didn't swear to it. You were just to stubborn." George said. I just waved my hand dismissively.
"Now, what were you saying before being rudely interrupted, Lexy?" I said, giving the guys a irritated look. She continued talking, and I listened, though I couldn't help but glance a little at Fred, who kept on staring at me.

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