In love with My Best Friend[Fred Weasley]

Scarlet- embarrassed
Sapphire- interested
Light pink-crushing
Sky blue- bored
~your eye colors doesn't start until Ch.2

Chapter 1

The Weasleys

Today was Saturday,it was time to move out and live in London for the rest of my life.My other friends who found out that they were witches too,were also moving to London with me.They're parents allowed them to live with me for the Hogwart years. After I ate my lunch,I decided to pack some other stuff."__your friends are here!" mom said.My friends were Jean, Aleksis ,Alissa ,Ariana ,Marie ,Kathryn ,Beatriz and Beatrice [a.k.a Beatrice square] we all came from the same school and now were all going to Hogwarts together."Ok,mom I'm just packing other stuff" I yelled. I packed my camera,ipod,phone,diary,laptop and my writing stuff,I packed them all in my bag and put it out of my bedroom. I looked down and saw them all "Hey guys I've got somethings to show you" I said and went in my bedroom and opened my drawer of pics together and I gave them each copy of each one. "Girls! Time to go!" my mom said "OK!"we all said and went down "Hey _ how are we gonna go to London?" Alissa asked "By something powder" I said "floo powder" my mom said "Ok, Jean first,Aleksis second,_ third,Alissa fourth,Marie fifth,Beatriz no that Beatriz sixth..." I couldn't hear the rest since I was traveling already. I slipped and slid down on the floor,I stood up I didn't want to get flattened and wiped of the dust. I put my bag in the living room.After all the rest have arrived I told my mom that me,Alissa,Aleksis,Jean and Beatrice were going for a walk and we saw this girl with red hair.She walked to us and said
" Hi,my name is Ginny what are yours?"
"I'm _ this is Alissa,Aleksisi,Jean and Beatrice where do you live?"
"I live over there.You?"
"That big white house there"
"How old are you guys? I'm 9"
"We're all 10 turning 11 mostly in September."
"Did you just move here?"
"Yeah we just taking a walk.Where do you go to school were taking a boarding school in September" Alissa said
"I'm going to a boarding school when I'm 11 which is next year."
We talked to Ginny talked for a time and found out that you are all witches
"Hey do you want eat in our house tonight?But we need to eat outdoors though."
Ginny said "Oh,how about in our house it not far" I said " I'll ask my mom,wanna see my house?" Ginny said "Yeah sure lead the way"Beatrice said

We got to Ginny's house and it was so freakin tall! It was much taller than afar "Holy mother father!" I said. Everyone laughed and Jean said "You--sound--like--Ariana!" she said still laughing "It's so tall do you have a big family?" I asked "You have no idea...7 kids so 9 all in all""HOLY MOTHER FATHER BROTHER SISTER!" we all said. Ginny laughed so hard until we reached as Ginny had said "The Burrow"."Ginny dear?" a voice said once we stepped inside it was kinda small space but cool "We were about to...Oh who are they?" the woman said obviously her mom "I'm _ ""Aleksis""Alissa""Jean""Beatrice" we said "Nice to meet you five,Welcome to the Burrow I'm Mrs.Weasley I'll let you meet the boys" she said then she yelled "Ron!Fred!George!Percy!Get down here!". And then a lot footsteps came running down the stairs, and 4 red-heads came down.Is this family full of red-heads?"Hey Ginny is your family full of red heads?" I whispered to Ginny "Yes all of us" she said and Beatrice whispered to me "Maybe its safe to remove your contacts now don't ya think?" she was right they were all wizards so I could remove them but maybe later."Can you show us to your house dear?" Mrs.Weasley said. "Mom you haven't introduced us yet" the boy about my age said "Oh yes, girls that is Ron." pointing to the youngest "Fred" pointing to the first twin "George" pointing to the second twin "and Percy" pointing to the last boy. "Can we get a move on now?" Fred said "Yes of course come on." Mrs. Weasley said.As we went out a man appeared out of nowhere. "Ah,we were just going to _ 's house for dinner" Mrs.Weasley said. "Ok then, I;m Mr.Weasley and you 5 are?" Mr. Weasley said "I'm _ this is Alissa,Aleksis,Jean and Beatrice." I said "Pleasure to meet you I'll just drop off my things and I'll follow." Mr.Weasley said.We got to my house.

Ariana,Marie,Beatriz and Kathryn were setting up the table "Holy!" Ariana said "Tita!We have two,four,six,SEVEN more guests!" Kathryn said "Oh,now were seventeen Alissa&_ get seven more plates and Jean & Aleksis get some more spoons and forks" mom said. Me and Alissa got the plates and placed them on the table. We also helped Jean and Aleksis & put some of the food on the table. "We've never seen these kind of food before what are they?" George asked "The ten of us came from Asia so we cook some Filipino food" I said "What's this?" Ginny asked pointing to a plate of soup and beef or pork. "That's Abobo Filipino favorite" I said "What's with Filipino food?" Fred said "Excuse me! These are tasty food!" I said "Doesn't look like it" Ron said.The girls gave Ron a oh-you'll-see look. "Hey _ do you have music it's getting boring" Marie asked "Yeah I'll get me iPod" I said and went upstairs and got my iPod and speakers. I went downstairs and plugged the speakers and attached my iPod to the speakers and played a random song.Once we heard the start we were ready to sing and dance. "Party rock is in the house tonight!!!" The 9 of us said.The Weasley family were looking at us weirdly but Fred and George were looking like they just got beaten up."Everybody just have a good time!!". This time the Weasleys were just looking as we were normal this way but the twins were like /'are you retarded,drunk or something?' "Party rock is in the house tonight everybody just have a good time!and we going to make you lose your mind we just wanna see ya!!Shake that!""Everyday I'm shuffin' !" Kathryn said.

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