When Good and Bad Collide

When Good and Bad Collide

Good Boy+Bad Girl=Figure it out
I'm in a lovey dovey mood.
My characters are based off my sister's relationship
Please read
No seriously read it

Chapter 1

Vegas. . . I hate it

by: Kobabe
"You have new surroundings now." Dad said "Try to live a little, I'll let you drink if you want." "DAD I'M UNDER AGED!" I yelled. "C'mon Peter, your 15. Remember I did live with you and your mother for awhile. I know where all my missing beers went." he said in a 'I'm not a retard' tone. I drank one when I was 13. It tasted bitter, like garlic on a cupcake. I was spending Summer break with my Dad in Las Vegas. Yeah the very one where under aged college kids go to drink with fake IDs. Mom and Dad divorced about a year ago. So there's Mom back in California having fun with her boyfriend who got me a new iPhone. I wanna go home.
Around 8:00 Dad had to leave. He worked at a Dance Club called Aries, he's a security guard. He works until 3:00 am. I watched from the porch as he drove away in his Lincoln Town Car. Before he left he stated this "Son, if you don't buck up you'll end up like your mother. A wimp who can't take the truth." I still want to go home. I took out my old bike out of the double car garage. One side was filled with a bunch of a junk and the other was the dirtbike Dad had been working on for 2 years. You could say he's a vehicle enthusiast. I peddled around town. The good part of town where the parties are. "HEY YOU!" yelled a girl's voice. I looked rearview mirror I placed on my bike. She was chasing me. I hit the brakes. I turned around. "Yeah, what's up?" "You don't have a tail light!" she said out of breath. "Yeah, I don't. It broke a long time ago. But with all these lights it's not like I really need them." I said. "Okay, but you want to come to the skate park with me and my buddies?" she asked. "Uh, I don't even know your name. I don't know know you at all!" "Yeah, that's true. My name is Josephine Mackandolph." "Whoah, whoah ,whoah. Don't tell me your last name! I could be a serial killer or a terrorist or something!" "Are you?" "No." I replied. "Then what do I have to worry about? Your name?" "Peter Purie." "Really?" she asked. "Yeah." "You know what, that would go good on a wall. We got one at the skate park. Wanna come?" "Sure." I replied. She had grey eyes, black hair, and tan skin. She dressed kind of rocker-ish with a little bit of girlyness. Kind of like Avril Lavigne. I saw her 'buddies' a bunch of boys with abssent minds. She hopped on her bike and peddled. I followed. What have I gotten myself into?

so what did you think? Any suggestions? TELL THE TRUTH! I'm not afraid to hear it.

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