Times Up!! A Draco Malfoy love story part 1

Ok so before IM creating a new account, I'm going to write a story and since Quibblo is HUGE their has probably been this kind of a pair but IM hoping this is a good love story between Draco and Ginny :) hope you enjoy :) btw all of the plot isn't going to refer to the books I might change something.

Chapter 1

The Middle of the Beginning

I'm always the youngest, I can never be alone and sometimes I wish everything can just stop. sigh it's no use..... I looked around and saw dozens of people together looking for their friends, and shoving others around. But I caught a glance at this one kid, well man. Draco Malfoy, what is his story... He seems quite but when someone irks him he explodes.... I wonder..
"Are you coming Ginny?"
"what?" I said looking over at Harry.
"Are you coming to sit with?". He asked.
"oh sorry," I said coming back to reality ," I can't I'm waiting for Dean." Which wasn't a lie but I didn't really want to sit next to Harry for the whole train ride. Harry was great but I have to check someone else out. I saw him leave to the bathroom and then followed him. And right as he came out I bumped into him thinking he was somewhere else.
"Watch where your going Weasly." Malfoy sneered at me.
"I have a name you know,". I said back evenly but kept my spite inside me.
"Are you sure??". Malfoy said sarcastically rolling his eyes. I decided to make a move because I wasn't going to get back at him with pure hate. So I closed up on him with my face in his saying:
"Hey don't be mean, I should look where IM going but please be kind.". I walked away smirking hoping he was confused.
Drakes POV:
WTF? What just happened?? One minute we r running into eachother, then she is being super nice.... Wow what a freak.
"DRACOO!!!!" ahh damn..
"Yes Pansy?". I said mustering up enough kindness as possible.
" I wanna make outttttttt please???????". She batted her ugly eyes at me but whenever I do make out with Pansy I do feel better, well sorta.
I pulled her in grabbing her and kissing her fersiously. But out of the corner of my eye I saw Ginn-- Weasly looking at me and just stopped.
"What's wrong?? Is it my bacon toothepaste?".
"uh no look idc I gotta goo.". I left her running torwards Weasly and Thomas was with her.
Ginnys POV:
"What's your problem?!". Draco said full of rage.
"excusse me?" I Said looking back at Dean my arms over his neck.
" Come here," Draco pulled me by the arm over to a corner.
"OW!" I shrieked slapping him in the face. He grabbed my other arm and leaned over me saying
"why are you nice to me?! No one ever is and I don't like it!!"
"Yo! Malfoy back off!" dean punched him and he fell over while dean held me while I just thought about what happened. Snapping back into reality I knew what to say:
" WTF!? You are mad because I was NICE to you!?? What crazy whack job are you?? Dont you dare touch me and don't you ever jump on my case about something so stupid and ridicules as that!" malfoy picked himself off the ground and turned torwards Dean throwing a punch.
"Stop!" I cried watching my bf bleeding on the ground, but dean pulled a swipe kick and Malfoy was the ground as Well and soon their was a crowd surrounding Dean, me and Crazy. I pulled out my wand screaming
"well well well..". Someone old Wizard came out looking disappointed.
"fighting before we got to get to Hogwarts?? Well I must say detention is in a place for all of you."
"What!? That's so stupid!" I cried
"You are not even a teacher," Malfoy growled and which I had to agree with him.
" well that's because IM the new potions master and you all have detention with me on friday, but 6 weeks for Miss. Weasly and Mr. Malfoy for back talking and use of magic, and 3 weeks for Mr. Thomas.". I stared at the crazy Professeur and thinking how on earth I just got 6 dententions before school started.
"My name is Professuer Slughorn, and unless you get back in your seats then come chat with me, IM in the mood to hand out detentions.". People scattered away, leaving us four alone.
"um professor, what will we be doing exactly?". Ask Dean very nervously.
" Well you will help Hagrid feeding flobber worms but I have something very special in mind for you two," looking directly at me and Malfoy. He walked away.
"thanks Malfoy. I can always count on you to screw things up.". I snarled at him.
" well this wouldn't have happened it you didn't bump into me." he snarled back.
" come on Ginny, let's go," Dean pulled me away and we found seat alone and I just laid on my back resting my head on Deans lap thinking about how paranoid Malfoy was for when I was being nice to him. What made him freak out?


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