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Hehe thanks guys! :D

Chapter 1

Extract from chap.10 of my book...idk why this one. -_-

"I fell in to the wondrous subconscious of dream soon after laying my head to the pillow, something I wasn’t entirely aware of until I woke in mornings light. For the most part I was restless.

Vivid, unruly nightmare plagued my subconscious; those of which startled me in to a state of psychosis so different than conscious fears, as my subconscious knew me more than I ever could try to. It knew my passions, it knew my yearnings. It knew my fears. It sensed them. Sought them out. Bundled each tiny and large, rational and irrational alike, in to one large group to play like an old silent movie for me when I was in the deepest of lonesome sleeps."

Message me if you wanna submit a chapter. :)

(Heyy btw can you guess how bored I am?!)

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