A Mindless Behavior and Triple Threat Scary Story

Chapter 1

Characters+ Chapter 1

Roc Royal
Ray Ray
Lil Twist
"I said, you wanna be startin somethin', you got to be startin somethin!" Nikki chanted as she ran down the hallway in her Michael Jackson costume.
"Hey Michael! We gotta go!" Princeton yelled to her.
"Whatever" she said and followed him out the door, where Prodigy, Roc Royal, Ray Ray, Mirage, Kaliyah, Sky, Zonnique, Reginae, Lil Twist, Diggy, Angel, and Dylan were waiting for them.
"Wuz up loser??" Zonnique hissed at Nikki.
"Arf Arf Scooby Doo!" she retorted angrily.
"You know what?" Zonnique said.
"What you wanna fight? I'm not afraid to beat up a dog!!" Nikki yelled.
"Hey! Laverne and Shirley will ya shut up??" Diggy asked anxiously.
"Why don't you stupid!" Zonnique and Nikki said together.
"Just forget it!" he said walking off the patio.
Lil Twist walked up to Nikki.
"Hey baby" he said slyly.
"What do you want Tiny Tim?" she asked with an attitude.
"I was wonderin if you wanted to go out tomorrow night?" He asked.
"Hell to the no!" she yelled pushing him out of her way.
"Hhahahahaha!" Zonnique and Prodigy laughed together.
"Can we leave now?" Roc Royal, Ray Ray, and Angel asked together.
"Yea, can we leave?" Mirage asked.
"Sure, let's go I found this haunted house we could go to!" Reginae said running down the street.
"Wait for us!" they all said running after her.
When the all got to the corner Prodigy asked:
"Where's the house at?"
"Right there!" she said running to it.
"For being Lil Wayne's daughter, you sure know where alot of stuff is" Ray Ray said biting a taco.
"Where'd you get that from?" Sky asked.
"Why do you always have toothpaste on the side of your mouth?" he asked staring at her.
"Just answer the question!" Sky yelled.
"You answer the question" he said.
Sky rolled her eyes and went in the house with everyone else.
"Let's play elimination!" Princeton said sitting down on the floor.
"Uh, no!" Mirage said.
"Why not?" Nikki and Twist asked.
"Because, didn't you hear? People actually die from playing this game!" she yelled frantically.
"Stop being such a buzzkill!" Dylan said walking past her and sitting down.

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