More Than Enemies (A Sirius Black Love Story)

Name: Valentina DeGaglia

Description: 5'6" and curvy with long wavy black hair that falls to the small of her back. She has Violet colored eyes and tan skin. She was born and raised in Italy with her mother and twin brothers. She is starting her 5th year at Hogwarts (along with the marauders). Her best friend is Lilly Evans and she is a Ravenclaw.

Chapter 3

Study Buddies

It seems like forever before the sorting and feast are over and we are allowed to go to our dormatories. I hug Lilly in the entrance hall and we part ways. Alex strides next to me, his arm brushing against mine. We head through the farmiliar halls up to the Ravenclaw common room. Once inside, I start to head for bed but Alex grabs my hand, jerking me to a stop.

"Hey Valentina, were you serious about going to Hogsmeade with me?" he asks shyly.

"Sure Alex, but would you mind if we just went as friends. I don't think I am ready to start anything serious," I explain.

"Oh, sure. Thats what I was thinking," he says a slight flush to his cheeks. Unable to help myself, I lean in and touch my lips to his cheek.

"Goodnight Alex," I say quietly and then head to my warm, inviting bed.

The next week flies by. Ravenclaws have Potions, Transfiguration and History of Magic with Gryffindor. So in those classes I sit with Lilly. Alex has become my faithful lap dog. He goes with me everywhere. He is sweet and funny and I find myself holding his hand, or leaning against him, regardless of what I told him the first night. Even more, everytime Sirius sees us touching, the smile is wiped off his cocky face and I feel a twinge of guilt I quickly brush away.

But there isn't a lot of time for fun. It is our OWL year and we have more homework than we have ever had before. Every night I am in the library pouring over book after book and all weekend I am camped out in the common room trying to finish essays and conversions and translations. But eventually I fall into a routine and free time seems to float up more often. I spend a lot of time with Lilly out by the Black Lake. We talk and joke. Sometimes Alex joins us and I will lean back against him, his warm arms around me.

Before I even know what is going on, the first Hogsmeade trip is here. Alex meets me in the common room, wrapped in his cloak, and we set off. The walk to Hogsmeade is quiet but not awkward. Once there we wander the shops a bit, but we have been here enough that the novelty has worn off, so eventually we head for the three broomsticks. We take a seat at a small table off to the side and order butterbeers. A ruckus in the center of the room draws my attention. James, Sirius, Remus and Peter are sitting at a square table bent over in laughter. They had obviously cast some spell on poor Serverus who's ears have grown to the size of dinner plates.

Angry, I stalk over and stop in front of Sirius.

"Put his ears to rights," I demand angrily.

"Oh come on Val, he deserves it," chuckles Sirius.

"Leave him alone you bully," I order.

"On one condition," he says with a sly smile.

"And what could that be?" I ask. He crooks a finger at me, motioning for me to lean closer. I cautiously obey until my ear is at his mouth.

"A kiss," he whispers and I can hear the enjoyment in his voice.

"Not on your life," I snap, standing up.

"Well that is the price. Take it or leave it, the offer holds. I think your boyfriend is waiting for you," says Sirius.

"He is not my boyfriend," I blurt before I can stop myself.

"Oh really," says Sirius, his eyes shining. I look over at Alex to see the sadness filling his eyes and my stomach drops. Great, he heard me.

"Just leave me alone Sirius, and Serverus too," I sigh and head back to our table.

I try to apologize but Alex shakes his head and says it doesn't matter. He tries to pretend like it doesn't bother him, but it is obvious my statement hurt him. When we get back to the castle, he heads up to the common room, leaving me alone in the entrance hall.

"Trouble in paradise?" asks Sirius from behind me.

"You are such an ass Sirius. I hate you!" I snap, dropping onto the step and dropping my head into my hands. I don't hear anything, but suddenly there is a soft, warm hand on the back of my head.

"You don't really mean that Val, do you?" asks Sirius quietly. For the first time, there is no hint of laughter in his voice. I raise my head and look at him. His dark green eyes are laced with sadness that tugs at my heart.

"No, I guess not. But why do you have to ruin everything? What I have with Alex is good, it is fun and safe. I don't want to mess it up," I sigh.

"If that is what you want, I will stop Val," says Sirius quietly.

"Why?" I ask suspiciously.

"You should be happy, so if Aaron makes you happy, you should be with him," says Sirius with a slight gleam back in his eye.

"His name is Alex," I remind him.

"I hate the kid, I'll call him whatever I want," says Sirius standing up and starting up the stairs.

"Why do you hate him?" I ask. He stops and looks at me over his shoulder.

"Because you like him and he gets to hold you," he answers and then he is gone.

I sit back down on the steps, confused. I have never seen Sirius like that and it makes me feel kinda strange. I like Alex, he is nice and funny and easy to be with. But it always feels like something is missing with him, a spark. Then there is Sirius. I have hated him since the first time I ever met him, or so I try to convince myself. But whenever he is near me I feel like my blood is on fire. The problem is, I can't trust him. He is never serious and he is always with different girls. They fall all over him and he soaks it up.

It is obvious when I think about it. Alex is the smart choice, the only choice. So that night I find him in the common room and apologize again. When I am done he is quiet and just stares at me. I reach out and take his hand in mine. His warm fingers curl around my hand and a small smile tugs at the corners of his mouth. Realizing he is not going to make the next move, I lean in and touch my lips to his. They are warm and soft under my touch. His arms wind around my waist and pull me closer. I deepen the kiss, running my tongue over his. It is a nice kiss. It is like laying on the warm sand, the sun kissing your skin. He tastes like warm, melted chocolate. When we break apart we are both breathing a bit hard. His eyes search mine for any incertainty. He obviously doesn't see any because he tugs me close again and rests my head on his chest. His fingers roam through my hair as I listen to his pounding heart.

But I can't stop thoughts of Sirius from drifting through my mind. How kissing him wouldn't be warm and soft, it would be burning hot and demanding. He wouldn't be gentle and hesitant. He would hold me tight and ravage my mouth with his own. At the thought, my blood tingles and guilt rises in my throat. How am I ever going to be with Alex if I can't stop thinking about Sirius.

The next day, I sit etween Alex and Lilly in Transfiguration. I listen and take detailed notes as this is my best subject. But I am getting outstanding grades in every class. So it is a shock when Professor McGonagall holds me after class, dismissing Alex and Lilly when they try to stay with me. When they leave, the only people left in the class are me, Professor McGonagall and none other than Sirius Black, sleeping in his chair.

"You would think with your grades you would stay awake in class mister Black," says Prof. McGonagall, waving her wand in his direction. He snaps away, startled.

"Class over?" he mumbles, stifling a yawn.

"Yes and you missed most of it," says Prof. McGonagall, sitting down at her desk.

"Did you need somethhing Professor? I am going to be late to my next class," I say respectfully.

"Yes Miss DeGaglia. As you can obviously see, Mister Black is having trouble keeping up this term. As the best student in the year, I was hoping you could assist Mister Black in his studies and help prepare him for his Exams," says Mcgonagall and my heart dropps to my toes before seeding up to twice its usual speed.

"You want me to tutor Sirius?" I ask, looking over at the boy in question. He is staring between the Professor and me like he can't believe what he is hearing.

"Yes Miss DeGaglia, if you wouldn't mind. I can't think of anyone better suited and I know you wish to teach after Hogwarts. This will give you useful experience," suggests the Prof.

"I mean, yeah, but I don't think Sirius wants me..." I try, knowing it is hopless.

"Mister Black, do you have any problems with Miss DeGaglia tutoring you?" asks Professor McGonagall.

"Not at all Professor," says Sirius.

"Do you have any objections Miss DeGaglia?" she asks.

"No Ma'am," I sigh.

"Very well. Mister Black, if I hear you are goofing off or not taking these sessions seriously, you will be serving detention with me every weekend this year. Do you understand?" asks Professor McGonagall, staring at him over her specticals.

"I will be a model student Professor," says Sirius innocently.

"Right. Miss DeGaglia, if you find you are falling behind in your own studies or are having any trouble with Mister Black, please come talk to me, my door is always open to you," says Professor McGonagall almost apologetically.

"I am sure we will be fine Professor," I say quietly.

"Yes well, you two should get to your next class. If Professor Slughorn says anything about your lateness, please refer him to me. Hurry along," dismisses the Professor, ushering us out of the classroom.

"So, I guess we are study buddies," says Sirius lightly.

"Meet me in the library after dinner today. We can get started on homework.You better show up," I tell him. He turns to look straight at me, a blood boiling smile on his lips.

"I wouldn't miss it for the world."

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