More Than Enemies (A Sirius Black Love Story)

Name: Valentina DeGaglia

Description: 5'6" and curvy with long wavy black hair that falls to the small of her back. She has Violet colored eyes and tan skin. She was born and raised in Italy with her mother and twin brothers. She is starting her 5th year at Hogwarts (along with the marauders). Her best friend is Lilly Evans and she is a Ravenclaw.

Chapter 1

A Special Letter

"Valentina, the post is here!" shouts my mother from downstairs.

I finish pulling on my trainers and combing through my long hair before heading down to breakfast. My room is a disaster area due to my attempt at packing my trunk for Hogwarts. The summer holiday ends in less than a week. When I get downstairs, my mother hands me two letters. One is a thick, official looking envelope. My Hogwarts Letter, finally. And the other is a letter from my best friend Lilly. Tossing the Hogwarts letter on the table next to my breakfast, I rip open Lilly's letter.

Hey Val,

So guess what!! I just got my Hogwarts letter and there was something extra in there! I am a Gryffindor Prefect!! Can you believe it?! My parents are so excited and so am I, though I am sure you can't tell. I am calm, cool and collected, as always. And if I was made a Prefect, there is no doubt you are, so send me a letter back and share the good news so we can jump up and down in simultanious excitment! Oh, and we are going to Diagon Alley later today, I hope you can make it.

Can't wait to see you. Miss you TONS!


Once I am done reading, I rip open my Hogwarts letter. Sure enough a small badge with a large P on it slides out of the envelope and into my hand. I stare at it for a moment, letting the excitment sink in. Then my mother sees the badge in my hand. A long, high scream sounds through the quiet house and then I am engulfed in a bone breaking hug. Now my mother is an Italian Mama, she is not exactly small. So when she really hugs you, death is a real possibility.

"Mama, can't ...breathe," I gasp as she bounces up and down with me in her grasp.

"Oh baby, I am so excited!!" she exclaims, finally releasing me.

"I am too mama, and guess what, Lilly is a Prefect too," I tell her and another excited squeal sounds through the house.

"Oh my goodness, my heart can't take all this excitment in one day," she says, sinking her large behind onto a kitchen chair.

"Can we go to Diagon Alley today to get our school stuff and meet Lilly there?" I ask as my twin 11 year old brothers come stumbling into the kitchen in their pajamas and stocking feet.

"Yeah, we can do that. As soon as you guys are done eating and your brothers get their lazy butts dressed. By the way boys, your Hogwarts letters came this morning," she says happily. That wakes them up. They have been looking forward to going to Hogwarts since I got my letter five years ago. My brothers are identical twins. Both have dark, wavy black hair that is just long enough to curl around their ears. They both have olive skin and warm chocolate brown eyes.

"Congratulazioni Angelo and Francesco," I tell them, hugging them both.

So two hours later we are stepping our of the fire place at the Leaky Cauldron. We head straight through to Diagon Alley. After we get some money out of Gringotts, my mother passes me a bag of coins and tells me to get everything I need while she helps the twins. Seconds after I watch her hustle off toward Madam Malkins, I am assaulted from behind and almost knocked off my feet before being surrounded my flaming red hair.

"Hi Lilly," I laugh, hugging her back with all my strength.

"Val! I have missed you so freaking much!" shouts Lilly.

"Calmati Lilly, calm down," I tell her, though I am just as excited to see her again. She finally releases me and gives me a warm, happy once over.

"I forgot just how pronounced your accent gets over the holidays," she tells me. It is true, when I am home I speak mostly Italian with my family so my accent gets stronger. But as the year goes on, it tends to become more subtle.

"Well, where should we go first?" I ask.

"Let's get our potions ingredients," she suggests then loops her elbow through mine and we walk slowly up the street.

As we are passing Quality Quidditch Supply, a loud shouot flies through the door, stopping us in iur tracks. It doesn't take a genius to figure out who the shouting idiot is.

"Hey Evans, how was your summer?" asks James Potter, walking out of the store and up to us.

"Oh, hi James. It was good. How was yours?" she asks easily.

"It was pretty awesome," says James as another boy walks out behind hom. This boy has long brown hair and vibrant eyes that make your toes curl when he locks them on you. He is tall and it is easy to see ropes of muscle defining his lovely body. But just the sight of him makes my smile turn to a scowl.

"Good morning Valentina, long time no see," he says in his smooth, yummy voice.

"Not long enough apparently," I tell him.

"Oh come on Valentina, you know you missed me," says Sirius, leaning down to look me in the eye and gove me a stupid smile.

"I can't think of anyone I missed less Black," I tell him.

"Ouch Val, that hurts. Can't you give a guy a break?" he asks.

"Any other You? Sul mio cadavere Over my dead body," I tell him and then yank Lilly's arm and pull her away from the boys.

"Why are you smililng like that?" I ask Lilly as we stride up the cobbled street.

"You can't fool me Valentind DeGalia," she says sternly.

"What is that supposed me mean pray tell?" I ask. Seeing Sirius always puts me in a bad mood.

"You are madly in love with that boy. Don't bother to deny it," she says cracking a wide smile. All I can do is stare at her with my mouth wide open, a look of disbelief on my face.

"I can't stand the sight of him!" I tell her.

"There is a fine line between love and hate my friend. And I believe you have crossed the line into big, sloppy love," she says, making a kissy face at me.

Knowing I am fighting a losing battle with my best friend that I cannot hope to win, I keep my mouth closed and grumble under my breath so she can't hear. While a tiny spark in the back of my mind wonders...could she be right?

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