I'm really depressed about what this racsit boy said

Chapter 1


There is this boy that came from a already rasict city, but when he came to my MS, he was like , horrible. So anyway, today I was talking to my friends, and he just walked up to us, (I'll tell you right now, we're black) and was like
"You all need to stop cussing. Just because your black you think you have some kind of privallege. Just because youtr n**ers dosen't mean you can act like that." And he walked away. Just like that. We were all shocked, and couldn't do anythinmg because of our Princiable standing behind us.

When we got in the school, we got our stuff out of the lockers and what not, then we went to the class. He was in our class, so all the black kids started hissing things at him. One girl even said that she was going to f him up. Then, he turned to me, the most nicest of the group of defenders, and said,
"Yu need to tell your n
**er friends to stop."
I about slapped him, but cussed him out. The teacher pulled me, him, and the others out of the classroom, we told him, and the boy got a referal.

After school, as I was walking, he said,
"Next time you or any other of your n
******er friends mess with me, I'll beat your asss down." Me and my friend chased him down all the way top the bus, but the bus drive stopped us from getting in.

My point is, why do people have to be so hateful? WHat has any race done to deserve so much racisim and hate? I just thought I needed to share this with you all.


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