A Stupid Poem

This is a really stupid poem. I wanted to write a poem about a friend but it turned into something else and Idk what it is. You may ignore this if you choose. However, if you do read this, one of the lines is a Keane song. Well, the whole line minus the last word. If you don't know which it is, you can google it and tell me in the comments or something. If anyone even cares. Idk. I'm bored.

Chapter 1


You say no one knows you
You want to be understood
Heard word for word
By someone in the world
Why do you look for comfort
In places you can't enter?
Because I've tried to get in
And you've shut me out
I just want to know
Why you complain
Why you are bitter
Why you can't trust me
I've tried to give more
But you never take it
And when I back off
You don't see me anymore
I just want one smile
One look of recognition
For you to realize
You are loved

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