Some Quibblo User Statistics!

Some Quibblo User Statistics!

A while ago, I made a Quibblo User Survey (link below) and just recently it got 100 takers! So, this got me thinking about laying out all those oodles of statistics into a story for all to see. So, here we go :)

*Information as of October 2011
*Not all possible information from the survey is included below, just the interesting bits ;)

Chapter 1


by: Ithilwen
58% of survey takers have been Quibblo members for at least a year
42% have been Quibblo members for less than a year
No one has been a Quibblo member for more than 5 years

Name and Other Information
36% of survey takers have never changed their nickname
Only 30% have their nickname the same as their username

41% listed a fake location on their profile
30% put their real location
The rest did not list it at all

91% of the survey takers are female
9% are male

11% have never changed their profile picture
3% don't have a picture

61 survey takers put their favorite things in their profile description
51 listed the basics about themselves
32 just put a bunch of nonsense
7 included their religious beliefs
8 didn't put anything in their description

27% have more than 100 comments on their profile
10% don't have any comments

The majority of survey takers are either 12 or 13 years old
44% are between the ages of 14 and 17
10% are older than 20
Only 1 is younger than 11

Over half listed their real age on their profile
46% made themselves older
1% made themselves younger

24% have taken more than 2000 quizzes
3% have taken less than 20

28% have created more than 50 quizzes
24% have created less than 10
10% haven't created any quizzes

77% have favorited quizzes
18% have favorited their own quizzes

95 say that personality quizzes are their favorite quizzes to take
65 say that personality quizzes are their favorite quizzes to make
17 don't make quizzes

Of the most popular quiz types on Quibblo, 76 have taken "Would You Rather?" while only 27 have taken "Could You Survive a Zombie Apocalypse?"
Of the most popular quiz types, 31 have created a "Would You Rather?", 3 have created a zombie apocalypse quiz, and 32 haven't created any of them.

32 do not write stories on Quibblo
31 have used the story creator, but not for an actual story
46 write an original story
33 write fanfiction

82% read stories on Quibblo
18% do not

19% have anywhere from 10-50 friends
17% have more than 400 friends
Only 1% don't have any friends

Half of survey takers communicate with just a few of their Quibblo friends
4% communicate with all of them
9% don't communicate with any of them

71% have chosen their "top friends", though only 16 ever change them frequently

40% get less than 20 messages a day
8% said they get more than 100

Other Quibblo statistics
44% only rate quizzes if they remember to
73% said it "depends" whether or not they comment on a quiz

65 have not written on Quibblo's profile

19 have never used the thumbs-up or thumbs-down buttons

19% have been a featured member at least once
48% don't even keep up on featured members

62% come on Quibblo multiple times a day

25% said they would rate an 8
18% would give the site a 10
8% gave it less than a 5
And the one person who rated it a 1 was confused about the scale and meant to say 10 :D

Okay, hope you guys didn't get bored back there. :) I personally found all that fun and fascinating!


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