God's will

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Chapter 1


Baron James Smith looked down from the upmost stair of the staircase, to see his only child, Cassandra, arguing with her maid Alice. His daughter was a sight of beauty in his eyes as well as others, and though short for her age, her face was a source of beauty; her features seemed to have been chiselled by the angels. She was seventeen, turning in two weeks, and she would marry as is custom, the night she turned eighteen. The continuous problem was she turned down every suitor her parents presented to her.

“Oh Alice, I do not wish to marry! Every suitor I have met is far too perfect. They all expect me to sit around all day in their houses, like I’m just some prize they claimed at the fair. I am not a trophy they can claim through marriage! Mother and father only seem to care about how I act, and how I dress in hopes that someone will ask for my hand,” I finished.

“Oh Miss Cassandra, one day you’ll meet someone you love, but as for right now, we must get you ready for the Count’s party.” Alice assured in her calm voice.


“We are ready to leave to the party Cassandra,” came the deep tone of voice of my father, “we will be seated in the carriage. Do come along shortly dear.”
I walked down the spiral staircase in my new crimson gown. The color looked well enough, but I always preferred my green gown that accented my hazel eyes. My hair was a tumble of curls all pinned back into a tight bun, as was the fashion. As I walked from the stairs onto the cobbled pathway I recited the names of the suitors my parents wished me to meet: Mr. Aaron Benet, Mr. Edmund Clint and Baron Jasper Leander.

Climbing into the coach I heard my father muttering something along the lines of “about time she…” I knew my parents were becoming stressed about whom I was to marry on my birthday. If I was to ever say I did not wish to marry, I had a feeling I would be the greatest disappointment of their lives. I agreed to myself that I would not disappoint unless entirely necessary.

“You realise that tonight the Count has invited three of your potential suitors I hope,” my Mother started. Before should could finish I listed the names.
The rest of the night was a blur. I met Aaron, a greedy merchant who had heard of the dowry I would receive once my parents and met their death, Edmund a proper gentleman who loved nothing more than to talk about politics whilst I was around and Baron Leander. The Baron heard that my husband would one day receive the land that my parents had worked so hard for. I disliked each man more as the seemingly endless night dragged on. Oh why had I not fallen in love before? As I tried to get away from Baron Leander, someone tapped me on the shoulder. I thought that perhaps it would be Edmund or Aaron, though I hoped for Edmund, and when I turned, I was happily mistaken.

The man I turned to see had brown hair, a dazzling white smile and deep blue eyes that I could have stared into forever. He was wearing a blue waist coat that accented his already dark eyes perfectly. Before I understood what he had said I nodded and he led me to the dance floor.

His name was Will Carter, and that was it. I was not to call him Mr. Carter, just Will, and I in turn, told him to refer to me by my Christian name, Cassandra.
“Cassie,” he said in a voice that made my heart beat twice as fast, no one had ever called me Cassie. “would you mind if I were to ask of your surname?”
“Smith, now may I ask of you a query?” as he nodded I continued, “Have my parents sent you? And if not, why do you wish to dance?”

“Straightforward are we? No I have not been given the post of one of your suitors, as you have not been chosen as my suitor, and I wish to dance because you seemed to be hiding from a certain Baron,” as I begun to protest he shook his head with a smile, “he has that effect on people, and not only that, you are very beautiful.”

“What I have retained about you Mr.,” He shook his head, “pardon, Will, is that you are searching for a suitor, and nothing more. Who are you?”
“I am a man and nothing more,” he said philosophically, and this is all he would say on the matter.

We danced the night, until the party was over. As I left I noticed him talk to a servant of the house and stroll down the corridor.

As I climbed once again into my family’s coach I was showered with enquiry after enquiry. “Who had I been dancing with?”, “Why did I show no interest in my real suitors?” and again “Who was he?” my parents asked relentlessly.
“His name was Mr. William Carter, and I showed no interest in my suitors because they would show me no interest in return,” I replied.

“You don’t think?” my mom commenced.

“No impossible! But perhaps, Cassandra, he never told you his title did he?” my father asked impatiently.

“No I do not believe he did. He positively did not; all he said was that he was looking for a suitor. His parents didn’t seem to choose a suitor he loved either.”
“That was the exact reason for the party, you said his surname was Carter, am I correct?” I nodded, “I believe you danced with Count Alan’s son, Count William.”

“Can this be so? I asked his position and he said he was but a man.”
“Tomorrow we will go to the market and see if the Countess is accompanied by her son, but as for tonight once we arrive to our domicile, you will go to bed.”
“Yes mother.”


As I awoke I remembered my dreams of the night, I was dancing with Will, I cannot remember the songs, but I do recall staring in his blue eyes the whole time. About five minutes after I had awoken, Alice walked in to help me dress in yet another new dress, though this time, it was a beautiful emerald dress with silver trimmings.

I ate little at breakfast, and then my mother and I walked briskly to the market. We stopped at a jeweller’s stand where I bought silver and emerald eardrops. We passed a bakery, a metal smith’s and as I was about to pass a dressmaker’s shop when I spotted Will. My heart beat faster and faster as I approached with my mother.

“Why good morning Countess Carter,” My mother continued, “I am unsure if you have met my daughter Cassandra.”

“Baroness Smith, no I do not believe I have had the pleasure to meet your beautiful daughter, Miss Cassandra, and may I introduce my son William?
“Mother, I believe I met Miss Cassandra last night,” Will said with a mischievous smile, a child might wear when they are caught taking a cookie, “as I recall we danced all night, did we not Miss?”

I was about to answer when the Countess did something I never would have expected, “Baroness, would you like to roam the market with me? I would enjoy the company of another noble.” And just like that they both left, leaving Will and I together.

He looked at his pocket watch and with a cocky grin, offered me his arm. He walked me past the well, to an eatery, where he bought two sandwiches and a couple apples, then we walked to a clearing just beyond the market, where he sat on the ground, and though I had no need to dirty my new dress, I sat beside him. He handed me a sandwich and said, “This is my favourite spot to sit and be alone,” he saw me twitch and said, “I enjoy your company more than most, you do not hassle me for information, and you just accept me.”

“Well that might all change,” I said with a sigh, “why did you seem to forget to tell me you were a Count? I am but a Baroness.”

“I never chose to be nobility, therefore, I do not tell many who I am, and whilst were at it, why did you never tell me you were a Baroness? I know you are not ashamed, I think your reasoning is because you thought I was only a gentleman, and nothing more. I see your smile, therefore I believe that my prediction is correct.”

“We are what we are. I know little about you. Let us play a game I played when I was younger, we each are allowed to ask a question and the other must reply truthfully. You may ask first.” I said.

“One question?” I nodded, “That does not count. Hmmm. What is your favourite color?”

It took me a few moments to decide, normally it would have been emerald, but every time I thought of colors I thought of the deep blue of his eyes. “Royal blue,” I said, “Did you know who I was yesterday?”

“I did, after you said your name, before all I saw was a beautiful lady seemingly hiding from a Baron.” He said trying, and failing to hide a smile.

We continued asking questions until the sunset commenced. He leapt to his feet, looked at his pocket watch, and aided me to my feet. He looked like he was about to say something, but at the last minute seemed to change his mind, he leaned over and kissed me. It was quick and shocking. He looked horrified, I started to worry. “I should not have done that, my apologies Miss Cassandra.”

“Your apologies are unnecessary Mr. Will. Though you must quit calling me Miss,” I said with a smile.

“My apologies, I believe I love you,” Seeing my expression must have startled him.

I had to explain my emotions back, “I love you to Will.”

“Cassie, will you marry me?”

I looked up in surprise and before I knew what I was saying I answered, “I will, Will.” I smiled at my newly betrothed.

“We must tell our families, after I ask your father’s blessing of course.”

“He will say yes.”

Once again I took his arm, and we walked slowly towards the market, where he bought me a ring, and we went in search of our mothers where we told them about our engagement. Both ladies looked quite pleased and started making wedding plans; we were to marry in two days time on the Saturday that week. Before we left the market, we looked at each other for a fraction of a second and left in our carriages.


Before I went to bed that night Alice came into my chambers. She looked as though she had been crying and I wonder what had happened to make Alice cry the first time I’d known her, I thought.

“Miss, I have some dreadful news.”

“What’s wrong Alice? Why have you been crying?”

“Oh miss, the carriage rolled!”

“What carriage Alice?” but I knew the answer before she replied. “Will,” I whispered in horror.


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