R.L. Stein's The Haunting hour: The Perfect Brother

R.L. Stein's The Haunting hour: The Perfect Brother

Okay here's the lowdown. It's a fan fiction piece obviously. This is a continuation of the episode. They kind of left you hanging so I wanted to write what I think happened next. If you haven't seen the episode I'm sure you can find it on youtube.

This is purely fan fiction all characters property of R.L. Stein except for the ones added in the story.

Chapter 1


Josh kept pleading with his parents. "I was your son doesn't that mean anything to you." Tears whelped up in his eyes.
"No it doesn't we have no need for defective merchandise," said his mother. "They will be here any minute to take you away," said his father leaving the room with his mother.

Matt was still sitting on the couch looking at his brother. "Matt please I was your brother, don't you remember?" "There must be some sort of memories of me in your new robot body," Josh said with his face planted against the little glass window of the box.
Matt shook his head. "I do not recall, such accounts hush now I don't want to hear such ridiculous stories I'll be glad when you are gone."
"Matt get in here and stop talking to the defective merchandise," his mother yelled from the kitchen.
"Yes mother coming, goodbye Josh."

Josh sat down with his back against the wall of the box. He knew there was no way out now. Not even his new robo brother would help him. All he could do now was sit there and sob. He wished he would have never found out the secret then none of this would have ever happened.
Just as he finished his train of thought he heard some commotion outside his box.

"He's in there," he heard his mother's voice say. There were two men dressed in black tench coats and hats looking down at him.
"Don't worry we will take care of this," said one of the men. "Wonderful and we wont be needing another," his mother replied.

The men put Josh on a wheeler that was normally used to carry heavy loads of boxes on. They left the house and loaded him into the back of a truck. The men closed the truck's sliding door behind them and left Josh in silence. It was dark inside and he couldn't even see his own hand in front of his face.

Josh had to wonder where the men were taking him and what horrible things they would do to him. Would they kill him? Is that what they did with so called "defective merchandise." Better not to think about it and just wait to see what was to come.

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