My Blood Is Black (a Death the Kid Love Story)

Teehee, Death the Kid is like the new Draco Malfoy for me XD Well, I'm starting this story and putting the other one on break FOR NOW.
(Kirai, the main character, is Crona's sister (Crona in boy form))

Chapter 1

Our Visit With Shinigami-sama

by: gallavich
"Lady Kirai, I brought you tea just like Lady Medusa asked me to." Crona said from my door, startling me and almost making me lose my page of my book, A Man To Call My Own by Johanna Lindsey.
"Oh, hey, Crona! You scared me. Dude, why does Mom always make you wear that dress? I mean, you're a guy." I said, putting my bookmark in my book and setting it on my black nightside table.
"Oh, I'm sorry. Here is your tea." He said, handing the teacup to me.
"Thanks, Crona." I smiled at him. Me and Crona were twins, having the same pink hair.
"You're welcome." He said. Suddenly Ragnarok came out, but he was incredibly small!
"Ragnarok! What happened to you?" I asked him, getting out of my bed.
"I don't know! One minute I was the huge, muscular guy I was before and now.. I'm this pathetic little thing!" He exclaimed.
"Well, I think you look very cute." I teased, walking past Crona to set my book on my bookshelf. Crona laughed quietly.
"Did you just laugh?" Ragnarok asked Crona, giving him a noogie.
"Ragnarok, it's not nice to bully Crona." I tsk-ed as I shut my door.
"Sorry, Kirai." Ragnarok apologized, stopping.
"Crona, did you forget about the meeting with you-know-who in an hour?" I asked Crona as me and him sat on my bed.
"Oh, yes, I did! Thanks for reminding me. Remember to take your weapon." Crona said.
"How can I forget? She lives with us." I joked, elbowing him in the stomach playfully.
"Haha, yeah." Crona laughed. I was he only one he ever really opened up to. Medusa really wasn't much help, even though I was her favorite for years. We talked for a while, until I noticed the time. We had 5 minutes to see Shinigami-sama!
"Crona! We have to go! I'll grab Ai and we can go." I said. Ai was my weapon. She was the most powerful weapon in the world, and she was a cat. I know, it's weird to have a partner who's a cat, but still, she could turn into any weapon in the world. I quickly picked her up from where she was napping. And, she can talk. She looked up at me and blinked slowly.
"Come on, Ai! We must go right now!" I said, running out of my room. I caught up with Medusa and Crona, Crona now changed into his black robe.
"Hey! Sorry about that, I was trying to get Ai off of her butt." I said as I walked up.
"Hey! I wasn't on my butt!" Ai complained.
"That's enough you two. We are about to kill a Shinigami." Medusa said.
"Alright, Medusa." Me and Ai said at the same time. Crona and Ragnorok just stayed silent and walked.
"We're here. Now remember. He think's we've come to make peace." Medusa said. Me and Crona nodded. I picked up Ai and we walked into the Death Room.
"Ah, Medusa, Crona, and Kirai! How nice to see you three. Please, come sit." Shinigami-sama said in his annoying voice, motioning to the three chairs.
"No, thank you, we'll be alright." Medusa said in a sweet voice.
"If you insist." He shrugged.
"So, I understand you want to make peace with the DWMA?" He asked.
"Yes, we felt terrible about what witches have been doing. Right, Kirai and Crona?" Medusa said, looking at us.
"Yes." Me and Crona replied.
"Father, why is Medusa here?" A guy with black hair and white lines in it asked as he walked in. Ugh, it was Shinigami-sama's son.
"They have come to make peace." Shinigami-sama said.
"Sure. What are you really here for?" He asked me, pointing his guns at me.
"We are here to make peace. As your father said." I sighed.
"As if. Witches have been terrorizing us for years---" He rambled on and on about how terrible witches are. Suddenly Medusa gave the signal. She scratched her shoulder.
"Double sword mode." I whispered to Ai. She nodded and turned into two swordswhile the kid and Shinigami-sama weren't looking.
"Me and Crona will take the kid. You take Shinigami-sama." I whispered to Medusa.
"Right." She said. We broke off to fight them. I tip-toed behind the kid, and kicked him in the back. I didn't want to kill him. He fell face-first, and got up and tried to shoot me. I easily dodged it and slashed my sword at him. I barely missed him. The sword ripped his suit.
"You ruined the symmetry." He growled. Symmetry? I thought. "Now you will pay." He continued, getting me in a headlock and putting his gun to my head.
"Please... Don't kill me..." I started to beg, but heard the cry of Crona as he screamed "Medusa!!" The kid loosened his grip, and I got out of the headlock and saw Medusa laying dead on the ground.
"C-Crona..." I stammered.


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