Naruto Scenarios Fall/Halloween Special

Naruto Scenarios Fall/Halloween Special

Hey! Just created a one shot/scenarioish thingy to show some holiday/seasonal spirit ^o^

Chapter 1

Naruto: Trick

Naruto crossed his arms and squeezed his eyes shut. He gave a little huff for effect. Sakura and Ino raised their fists and growled at him. He raised his hands to his chest ushering them to not do anything irrational. I couldn’t help but to giggle at everything he was doing.

“Everyone is always against me.” Naruto whined.

“Because you’re an idiot!” Sakura and Ino roared.

“Okay!” Naruto exclaimed trying to escape “Asa-chan and I are being summoned. See ya later!”

Naruto didn’t waste a second getting away. Naruto grabbed my hand and jolted away from everyone. He halted right in front of the ramen shop with a sigh of relief.

“Too bad Sakura and Ino didn’t scare your appetite away.” I teased.

“If that was the case, you would’ve gone on a lot less dates with me.” Naruto boasted.

“Naruto, you haven’t asked me to go on a single date.” I laughed nervously.

“Beat me down like Sakura and Ino, Asa-chan.” Naurto sighed dragging himself into the ramen shop.

I quickly ran after him. He looked at me and studied my face. I just looked back at him and studied his face. My heart began beating a little faster when his face started to soften, but he didn’t speak a word.

“You know you can ask me now.” I whispered blushing.

“Really?” Naruto questioned grinning. I nodded blushing even more. “Asa-chan, will you consider this a date?”

“Of course.” I replied smiling now.

“You say of course, but you never considered all the other times a date.” Naruto complained.

“Sorry!” I apologized rubbing the back rubbing the back of my head.

“Asa-chan and I are trick-or-treating by ourselves.” Naruto announced coolly putting his hands behind his head.

“What are you planning, Naruto?” Shikamaru questioned.

“You’re not going to that house again are you?” Sakura questioned rolling her eyes.

“I don’t know why he’s like that.” Naruto pondered out loud.

“Maybe something tragic happened.” I suggested. “You should just leave him alone.”

“Goody two shoes.” Naruto mumbled.

“I’m not—.”

“Well, we’re off!” Naruto declared.

Naruto turned around and began walking away. I frowned and stomped my feet as I followed behind him. The fairy wings attached to the back of me were bouncing around. I knew this was a lame costume, but at least it was something.

Naruto stopped walking resulting in me walking into him. This kid always knew how to get under my skin. I went around him and started walking. Naruto walked next to me. I could feel his hand brushing against mine. My face started to soften. His fingertips started brushing against mine until he finally held my hand.

“I’m sorry if I offended you.” Naruto apologized.

“I-it’s okay, Naruto.” I stuttered blushing.

We walked down the road still holding each other’s hand. We stopped at a gate. I knew this house too well. The house looked creepy without decorations. Spider webs covered the windows and the bushes. A giant tree casted a dark shadow over the house which made it seem even darker at night.

Naruto let go of my hand and opened the gate. We walked side by side. Naruto raised his fist to the door and started pounding on it. The door immediately swung open.

“Will you leave me alone this year!” A 20 something year old man shouted.

“Trick or treat.” Naruto replied smiling.

“I hate the holidays!” The man declared and slammed the door in our faces.

“Trick it is.” Naruto laughed evilly.

“We should just leave.” I urged.

“You can leave if you want, Ms. Goody two shoes.” Naruto snickered.

“I am not that!” I whined.

“Prove it.” Naruto whispered in my ear.

“Make clones of yourself.” I demanded jumping onto the house. “Transform one of them into a wolf and start howling. Use the rest of the clones to shake the glass of the windows.

“Got it!” Naruto exclaimed doing as I said.

“Howling wind jutsu.” I said.

The winds behind me started picking up. The winds I created were eerie. The combinations of the howls, the shaking of the windows, and the winds would surely scare the man in the house. I transformed into what I thought a banshee would look like. Naruto’s clones helped me off the roof. Then, Naruto flung the door open and pushed me in. I started screaming my head and allowed my hair to flip around. Naruto came up beside me keeping his face down so his face could not be seen with the hood up. He held the scythe straight up.
“Ah!” The man shouted. “Why is this happening to me?”

“Because,” Naruto replied reaching up and pulling his hood back “you chose trick.”

I undid my transformation. I smiled and waved at the man innocently. His face became distorted with anger, Naruto and I ran out of the house before he started yelling. We ran all the way to my house and collapsed on the front lawn laughing. I rolled over onto my stomach after I calmed down a bit Naruto remained on his stomach.

“I think you got your point across.” I giggled.

“I never expected you to do that, Asa-chan.” Naruto commented sitting up.

“You knew I would.” I argued. “You have a way of persuading me.”

“You’re my partner-in-crime.” Naruto declared.

He leaned his face closer to mine. I could feel my face heat up a bit. My eyes started to flutter close. Our lips gently pressed against each other. I could feel a little spark. I pulled away blushing more.

“You never liked asking.” I commented. “If you want candy, we should probably get going.”

“Huh?” Naruto questioned. “I can skip candy this year.”

“Wha—.” I started.

I found his ramen flavored lips pressed against my lips. My body melted into the lip embrace. The kisses disappeared from my lips and reappeared on my neck. I gave in to him easily, but when I started to moan I pushed away from him.

“Let’s g-go inside.” I suggested blushing.

“We can “watch” Halloween specials if you’d like.” Naruto stated winking at me.

“Whatever you like, Naruto.” I giggled taking his hand.

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