Me. School. Yeah.

Me. School. Yeah.

So at time I'm'just casually sitting in the middle of the class and sometimes something weird crosses my mind and then I write. So this is kind of a collection of thoughts I have in the middle of the class when I enjoy to not pay any attention.
(the italics is a story I came up with during class)

Chapter 1

Computer Science

So this is the moment I enjoy to just do nothing and be all bad-ess.
I'm in computer science. The class where we have to sit behind a computer build a website.
I choose this because the other option was even worse.
So now I'm finished with my website and I am randomly reading stories on Quibblo, holding open a tab and a program which I turn to whenever the teacher walks towards my computer.
This is also the moment I get inspired to write all sneaky stuff.
Things like:

I kicked open the door, hoping that no one has heard the noise that came from my feet.
I slowly walked through the hallway. Suddenly there was a loud noise from the room closest to my right./
I turned around, scanning the room with my eyes. There it was again, the noise. It sounded like someone playing the piano, but this thought was obviously impossible!
The house I was in has been empty for over a year, the possibility that anything that actually worked was positioned in here was less than zero.
"Hello Catherine," a voice without an owner said. I breathed in and then took it for a run.
"You can't escape your destiny!" the voice yelled again. I didn't turn around, not even when I had reached my own house.
I ran straight up to my room and let myself drop onto my bed. That voice could not be my destiny, it just couldn't.

That's my imagination right now.

Oh fooble! The teacher's coming!

Love y'all!!



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