A Tribute to Michael

This is going to be where I write short Michael love stories, that are literally only a chapter or two. Also, I'm going to write poems and updates (about his doctor), and posting questions, thoughts, and whatever else I want about MJ on here.

Okay? Cool.

Chapter 1

A Poem for Michael

by: MrsRadke
I wish you hadn't left us,
I wish you hadn't gone
I wish you hadn't taken the pills.
That caused your last song

Why ever did you leave us?
Here alone to survive?
How could you do this to me?
I mean, you are the one who stopped the knives

How do you expect us to do this?
To live in this world-war?
I know you tried to stop it,
So we would have to endure it, no more.

Though you didn't finish the job,
We shall carry it out ourselves
So everyone,
Put down the guns,
Put down the bottles,
Leave them up on the shelves

We need to come together,
In memory of our king
We need to come together,
We all need to sing

Sing to the Heavens!
Sing to the Seas!
Sing whenever, wherever
Just please, spread the peace.

Let's live in harmony,
Let's all come together,
As one voice

It's what he would've wanted'
It's what he would've loved to see
Let's do it for him,
C'mon, let it be!

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