The Clubs Club lol!!!

Chapter 1


Okay, so out of these clubs which do you want to join:
1. Forever M.J. (I'm in that club)
2. We Love Mindless Behavior (I'm in this one too)
3. Team C-Breezy (Yea, I'm here)
4. We Hate The Chandler Family (You better believe I'm in that one)
5. Let's Kill Conrad Murray (I'm here)
6. We Heart The Jackson Family (I'm here too, in fact I'm in any one that involves a Jackson!)
7. We LOVE Aerosmith (I only like Steve Tyler:)
8. We Hate Justin Bieber (yep I'm here! No offense JB Fans)
9. We love JB (Nope, I'm out)
10. Team Minaj (I'm gonna be here)
11. Team Drake(I'm there)
12. Team Diggy(here too)
13. Team M-Bone(Gooooo M-Bone!)
14. Team Latimore(Yessss)
15. The Beatles (only for Paul Mccartney, but they aren't better than Mikey!)
16. Team Rihanna(I'm here)
17.OTW Era (Off The Wall) I'm in
18. Thriller Era (I'm here too)
19. Bad Era (yep!)
20. Dangerous Era (yessssss)
21. HIStory Era (Yezzir)
22. Invincible Era (If I joined all the other ones what do you think)
23. TII Era (Yea Babeee)
24. Emo club (I don't think so O_o)
25. Prince, Paris, and Blanket club (I'm alwayz gonna be here!)
26. Motown club (Go Motown!!)
27. Wylie Draper club (Watch the movie The Jacksons: An American Dream and look at the picture above and then decide if he's sexy!)


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