My Sexy Draco - a Draco Malfoy Story

Name: Macy Hailey Hill
- Long Brown hair, mostly keep it down
- Heart shaped face
- Light Green eyes
- Dark Eyebrows, finely trimmed
- Long Legs, wears short skirt
- Slender figure.
House: - Slytherin? Could change it if u ask
Year: - fith year

Chapter 1

Free Period - Gonna be dirty

"Draco ......" i said biting my bottom lip. We were in his bed and it was a foggy autumn day. I was i sitting on his legs, my hair a viel around our faces. He looked at me his eyes going intense. I reached my hands down to the top of his trousers/pants (whatever) and slowly slid across and back the hem of his jeans. I love this, i though, i just love the way he looked at me, like i was first hot meal, after no food for days.
"Yessss! Go on do it. Please." he kiissed me, making me sigh. I slowly slid his pants down, then twidled the elastic of his bOxerss, all the while planting desprate kiisses along his neck, slowly coming to his jaw line.
"Please ....... Please" he begged then reached down and kiissed me.
I finally gave in, wanting to give us something special togher, and pulled me hand down there. I picked him up and slowly massaged. I saw Draco's eyes close shut and his breathing got heavier. I picked up the pace as he intwined his arms round me, half pushing me towords him the other half away so i could carry on....... After about a minute i stopped.
"No don't stop!" he screamed. I looked hurt for a second, then relised. I placed my hand back and after about ten seconds he came.
"Wow, that was ....... That was something" he grined at me. I sat on top of him my legs around his waist. I started to kiiss him and i felt how hard he was. " Your so seiixy Macy "
He ran his fingers up and down the curves of my body. I pulled my lips from his and mOaned softly. Draco put a finger to my lips.
"God girl, u know you really turn me on when u mOan!? "
"Draco" i mOaned. I liked his mOan too.
" Lie down !" he said suddenly. I gave him a strange look, but obeyed. He ran his hands up and down my back..........then my my stomach. He reached the top of my jeans ands gently pulled the zip down. He placed
my hands on top of where his had been, then gided my hands to the botton. I undid it. He moved my hands away and i placed them on his shirt. I gently undid all the bottons, then traced patterns on his pale skin. Draco slid of my pants till i was i just in my panties. I was glad i hadnt wore tight pants. He slowly opend my legs then put his hand over my G-spt. He pushed his finger in slowly back and forth. I kiissed him, long and hard. Slowly i rocked back and forth. Unexceptadetly I felt something virbrate next to me, nearly on top of Draco. He flutered open his eyes. Then when it contuined the second time, he looked at me, shocked.
"Whatttt?" he looked at me, puzzeled. Damm it! I must set the alram weeks ago. I was proberly just bored.
I looked at him. Should i tell him, or just let it go, coz i was really liking it.
We had potions next - Draco would me if Snape knew why we hadnt come. He like respected him. No f-ing way would i respect any teacher!
"its a phone. From the muggle world, it means we have 10 minutes to get to our next period" i say disapointed. He gives me a seiiiixxy look, before smirking. I lean forward, make my assetts accidentaly go in his face. He lickes me then smile. I give him a pretend shocked look and grab the place where but heart is. I pick up his shirt from where it fell behind him. I give it to him. Then grab my own top from under his legs. I grab my pants and run round the poster bed to the secudled coner of the room. "i've already seen it!" he shouts.
" No u havent!"
"i know but i will!" i know, im looking forward to it.
I finish puting my legs in my pants and pull them up. Draco pops his head round the coner, then gives me a quick kiss. " I could have been getting dressed!"
"I know, thats why i did it" he smiles at me. I look at my watch. "five minutes", i say.
I grabb my books off the floor then open the door. We walk towards class. He puts his hand round my waist.
"Well that was the seiixiest, funniest period ive ever had",
Draco grinns
"even when that time Proffesor Flitwick got that russian stiiripper in because he was covering for muggle studies (sorry forgot the name)?"
"oh yeah, well this is defintely second" he said with cheeky grin.
I give him a gentle slap.
Before he goes into class, I give him a long slow kiss.

Authors Note: should I make this a one shot? Got lots of ideas. Was gonna put her friends and all that put i will see if you like it first. Can you please comment?! It wont always be like this, just wanted to start off with a bang.
Thanks xx


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