Quest of the Cursed

PJO Fanfic by moi and CJ (Sergeant Sarcasm). Hope you like it. And oh to all y'all insane fangirls out there Leo and Nico are TAKEN. LEO IS MINE!!! That is all.

Chapter 1

Stupid Random Strangers

by: Harper_
I sat alone on top of Zeus's Fist. Water trickled in the creek providing a steady rhythm to my playing  A twig cracked and I stood straight up. Crap. I thought. The stream stopped. I sighed. It had taken me forever to get it running at that pace.  "No, don't let me bother you that was..............incredible." a teenage guy around my age of 15 was leaning up against a tree. I has seen him around camp before. He was Hispanic with thick black hair, dark mischevious eyes, a crooked smile and fingers that seemed to have a mind of there own as he constructed and destructed a windup toy. 
"If you didn't want me to stop you shouldn't have bothered me!" I spat. He seemed taken aback. It had taken all summer to get those dang Naiads to do what I wanted. 
"Well then. No need to get all snippy. Who knew smart people were so annoying." He snarled right back. I rolled my eyes and jumped down off the rock pile. It was quite a jump but it wasn't difficult. I landed on the ground and my flute flung into the air as I lost my balance. It landed on a rock and shattered. I rushed over and picked up the broken pieces. It was made of gracefully marbled celestial bronze, gold I had gotten from the Romans, Stygian iron, and Stygian ice. The beautiful and intricate designs that had been so meticulously engraved were scratched up. I groaned. It had been a gift from my mother. Athena. She had invented the flute and I had played it for years before I came to camp. On the year of my 12 birthday she gave it to me on Olympus during the solstice. I dropped the pieces back on the ground on accident as I ran off. I realized I the cleaning harpies would be coming around. I turned around to see the boy, and my flute, disappear into the trees.      

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