Give a Little More (Adam Levine love story) 5

Chapter 1

numero cinco. im pretty sure you know what that means.

I look at his bare chest, then back at him, who was approaching me. I gulp quickly, before I felt his lips press up against mine. He crawled on top of me. I felt my vision blur a bit, then quickly recovered. His lips kissed my jaw line, down to my chin, then to my neck. He kisses and sucks lightly on my sweet spot. "Adam..." I whisper, struggling not to moan. "Hmm?" He responds, not disconnecting from my neck. "Adam-" I say, louder. He looks up at me. "Yes?" "Not tonight." As much as I wanted to practically rap(e) this man,(LOL) It wouldn't feel right. It's too early. He looked into my eyes, then nodded, understanding. He lets me sit up, then lightly kisses me. He slips a piece of paper inside my pocket. "You might want to go pack. We're leaving pretty early in the morning tomorrow." I nod, then walk out, and empty void inside of me. I meet up with the other band members, formally meet them, then leave.
I get in my car, then slip the note out. It has a number on it, and I smile, grabbing my phone and punching in the numbers. After adding him as a contact, I felt my phone buzz constantly in my pocket as I drove over to my sister's. I hurry over. I knock on her door, and wait, phone still buzzing. "Hey! What's up?" She asks, letting me in. "Not much. I just need to tell you something." We sit on the couch, and my phone rings. I let out a sigh, and pick up. "Yes?....I miss you too. No, I'm not home. Adam- I'm with my sister. Yes. I have a sister. She's older than me. I kinda need to go. Yeah. Bye." My sister was looking at me with intense curiosity. Once a sister, always a sister. "Who's this Adam?" "Nobody." "Is he what you needed to tell me about?" "NO- I needed to tell you that I'm leaving. On vacation." She grins. "With Adam?" I let out a frustrated sigh. "Yes....with Adam." I set my phone on the table, and take a long swing of coffee. I look back to see her with my phone in her hand, scrolling through texts. "WHAT?! Give it back!" I say, reaching for her hands, which she easily dodged by standing and walking farther away. I sigh, knowing she'll find out either way. "On tour? What the he ll?" I look at her, amazed at how slow she was at figuring things out. "Wait.....Adam.....Tour......OH MY GOD....YOU KNOW ADAM LAMBERT!"
I smack my forehead with my hand, and slowly explain things to her. Maybe she was adopted. None of my family is this.......stupid.
I pack all of my stuff in the back of my car, and rush into the car, the light drizzle sprinkling on my skin. It was 6:00 in the morning. I hurry inside, into the warmth of the studio. I bump into the band walking out side, Adam lingering farther behind them. "Hey. It was nice meeting you." One says. "We'll see you in a while." I look at them, smirking. "Uh....I'm coming with, you know?" Three of them crack up, and leave, tugging bags behind them. One turned to Adam, who just caught up. His mouth opened to say something, but he was dragged into a room. "If you'll excuse us for a few moments..." The door was left slightly open. Big mistake. I perk my ears while leaning against the wall. "Are you out of your mind?" "What are you talking about?" I heard Adam. "You're bringing another fan? Really? Do you remember what happened last time? I still have a scar on my forehead because of that!" "She's.....more than a fan." "And? What's the reason of bringing her?" "This is different. Trust me. Please." There was a small silence before both of them walking out. Adam watched his band mate slightly nod at me, and leave after the others. "What was that about?" I whisper. "It's a long story. I'll tell you later. Now, we have a road to get on."
"How in the world is this place not overrun by teenage girls?" I ask, looking out the window of the huge RV. "Its very well hidden. It looks like a cra(p)py old office building. But we spiced up the inside, now it's our studio." Adam responds. I watch it disappear as the car moves farther away. I hear Adam let out a deep breath, and his toes tap on the floor. I look at him. "Are you...." "I'm fine. Just nervous. No....excited." He smiles, making me smile. "You'll do fine..."
After about an half an hour trip, which was surprisingly short, the RV pulls up in front of.....and immense building. "Wow..." We both whisper in unison. "Time to rock." He whispers.
I swear on my life, this man turns me on. I was listening to "give a little more" live, on youtube, and at "you were wrong for turning me on and on and on, and on and on, baby, you make it so haaaarrrrd..."

I nearly jizzed my pants. Maybe i did, who knows. ADAM, CURSE YOUR ABILITY TO MAKE HORMONAL TEENS GET TURNED ON! XDDDD


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