Todo Mi Amor Eres Tu: A Michael Jackson Love Story

heyyy everyone! me, Vienna, and Breanna are writing this story together! I promise I'll put the other MJ's in! comment and give us some ideas!

Chapter 1

Main Characters

Main Characters:
Diana - (me) 25 years old. I am a big MJ fan.
Breanna- (Bre) 25 years old. Diana's best friend. I LOVE MJ!
Vienna-(V) 25 years old. Diana and Breanna's best friend. I am a diehard fan!
Stevanna: 16- Loves MJ and yo mama jokes
Sefra: 12: perfect patty, naive, loves MJ
Genevieve: 17: Likes to cuss and yell random stuff.
Michael (This Is It era): calm, shy, sweet.
Michael (off the wall era): energetic, funny
Michael(Bad Era): nasty, rude, and seductive.

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