Bitter Rivals, Sweet Seduction (A Draco Malfoy Love Story)

Jade Adenah has been attending hogwarts for four years now. She's been picked on by Snape and looked down upon by all the Slytherins. Only one person keeps her company and that's her enemy, Draco Malfoy. But when a special event starts to take place at Hogwarts her life turns upside-down. Truth's revealed, suspicious deaths occur, and a prank gone wrong - the three main culprits.

Chapter 3

Phase 1: Complete

"Won't you stay the night with me." Draco mumbled, staring down at my bewitched parchment. I hid myself behind the corner and tried to stifle my giggle. I could see Malfoy smirking at the note, thinking he's going to get laid -- as if. I'm nothing like Pansy. I peaked from the corner once more to see him stuffing the note in his pocket. I guess my plan was ready to commence. I rubbed my hands together evilly, a smirk decorating my lips.

This seemed like a moment you would see off of T.V. Damn I'm cheesy.

I skipped off to the Great Hall feeling satisfied with phase one of my plan completed. There was honestly no reason to retrieve the parchment. It was bewitched, meaning when Draco puts it down or drops it, the parchment will automatically burst in flames.

Losing focus of where I was going, I thought about phase two. Just how the hell was I supposed to seduce someone? I had never been fond of being touched, let alone touching someone else. I scowled when a body clashed with mine, forgetting my unanswered question. "Watch where you're going." I spat, uninterested by who it was.

"Watch your tone Adenah." He warned. I internally groaned at his deep, droned out voice. I rolled my eyes as I turned to Snape, watching his black eyes flicker in amusement. I wanted to flip him off so bad. "Or do you want detention?" I said nothing back to him, though I had tons of profanities flying through my mind. One "accidentally" escaped my lips. Sadly, it meant a female dog. Boy was I screwed.

His eyes then narrowed into slits as he glared. "Detention." With that last word and a sweep of his cloak, Snape continued forward. Once his figure died down the halls I screamed.


Detention's a witch.

I threw my bag against the brown brick floors. Hmm, purple. That's a pretty color. It's much better than looking at these other 'oafs around here. Of course, Crabbe and Goyle were here along with Pansy the Prostitute and her obsession, Malfoy. I wanted to throw the pebble that laid near my desk on the dungeon floors, but Snape was watching us. Therefore, I was unable to do what I pleased. Like I said, It's a witch.

"Professor, what are the three main ingredients for the love potion?" I looked back at Parkinson, who sat behind me, kicking my chair on purpose just to get on my nerves. Prick. She probably just wants the love potion so she can drug Malfoy up with it. Heh, a drugged Malfoy. I think I would actually pay to see that.

I turned back to the essay that Snape had assigned me finding the cure for a love potion . . . I'm posotive it has something to do with potions; therefore, I'm screwed. The highest I'll ever get on this is a P anyway. Maybe an A if Snape would stop throwing random questions at me. It didn't help that Malfoy was beside me snickering with his crew and Pansy, who was forcing herself into the conversation. The girl was desperate for attention. Her mind was so clouded that she didn't even noticed when I bewitched her green hair clip with a small flick of my wand. Let's see how she feels about waking up with a spider nestled in her hair.

I gazed around the room once more and spotted fiery red hair. I smirked. Luckily, Snape was out at the moment. That would give me just enough time to annoy Weasley. I stood up gracefully from my seat. Swaying my hips, I walked over to the unexpecting weasel. He was going to be my first test subject on my new class: Seduction 101

I placed a hand over my hip as I stood over him. With my other hand, I twirled a frizzy strand of hair that was in my high pony tail. I smirked internally as his eyes looked over my body, then glared when he reached my eyes. I leaned over his desk showing just enough cleavage.

It seemed easy to act like a hooker but it also made me lose some of my pride. Then again, it was actually fun toying with the red head. We were in a distinct conversation about hitting up Hogsmead next weekend. Of course, there were a few insults being thrown. Other than that, our conversation was decent enough to keep me interested. The only down fall had to be when the devil himself bursted through the door. I straightened up immediately at the sound of the dungeon door creaking. Hopefully my face wasn't red as Ron's ears right now. That would be embarrassing. Heh, I think I might actually like the Weasel.

Detention seemed like a nice place to meet people. It sucked that the floor corners had cobwebs in them and the floors looked untouched. Therefore, dirty judging by the human eye. Like the brick floors beneath me, the walls were made out of the same material -- cement. I felt like I was trapped even though the room was the size of an average classroom. Mainly, I felt like I was trapped with idiots. Snape was definitely one of them.

His beady eyes scanned the room as though he was looking for something out of the ordinary.

Damn. I wasn't in my seat.

"Adenah." Snape hissed dangerously as my eyes connected with his. "Come with me." Irritation leaked into his voice. What did I do know? Still, I followed Snape through the halls, listening closely to the racket Peeves was causing on the fourth floor. Damn was that ghost funny. Flinch's voice followed soon after. The quib grumbled out insults and empty threats at the poltergeist. Once his footsteps could no longer be heard, I turned my attention to the glowering man in front of me who looked extremely pissed.

"I know you were in my office." I gaped at the man. What am I? The blame to all your misfortunes.

I narrowed my eyes at the man. "I did no such thing."

For some reason, Snape smirked. I watched his hand descend into his robe. Maybe he was going to shoot me with a truth spell, but in his hand was nothing. I looked back at his face to see his still smirking."Then why do I have this long piece of black hair lying around in my office." Once again, my mouth was gaped. In his hand, held between his thumb and index finger, was a strand of black hair. To be more clear, a strand of frizzy black hair.

Screwed. All my plans were screwed.

Well, at least I thought they were. Until he spoke again. "I'm giving you a warning, Adenah." Oh my gosh, I think I could hug you, Snape!

. . . . . . . . .

Nah, not really. I was just hung up in the moment.

By reasons unknown to me, Snape scowled. His nose scrunched up as if he smelled a dying rodent. His pale face started to contrast with his greasy, jet black hair. The bags under his eyes became more clear as he towered over me. For once, a small portion of me was actually concerned for Snapes well-being. Who roughed him up after class?

I pushed my question aside at the sound of thumping footsteps followed by a gruff voice.

"I'll take it from here, Severous."

I turned around to see just who the man was, but I already had a feeling of who it was.

"It's Snape, Moody." Severous replied, his eyes narrowing at the odd man who somewhat limped toward us on his cane. "I'll have you know, I've already taken cared of this." His black eyes turned cold, just like his voice.

Moody's magical eyes swerved in it's socket before looking at me. I shuddered. Damn he was creepy. His real eye was kept on Snape. "I see." He mumbled, real eye glancing between me and Snape. "Since Potter didn't fit the description you decided to go to the next best thing," both his eyes turnned to me, "an Adenah."

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