Bitter Rivals, Sweet Seduction (A Draco Malfoy Love Story)

Jade Adenah has been attending hogwarts for four years now. She's been picked on by Snape and looked down upon by all the Slytherins. Only one person keeps her company and that's her enemy, Draco Malfoy. But when a special event starts to take place at Hogwarts her life turns upside-down. Truth's revealed, suspicious deaths occur, and a prank gone wrong - the three main culprits.

Chapter 2

A Prank?

Tick . . . Tock . . . Tick . . . Tock . . .

Isn't it time for lunch?

I removed my hand to look over my drawing, a picture of Mrs. Trelawney getting eaten by a dragon. I pursed my lips, trying not to chuckle at the hideous doodle.

"You!" A boney finger could be seen from my peripheral vision. I glance up at the odd woman. "Insolent child. I can see you're a disgrace to your family. Keep ignoring, my child, but your future will slowly start to rot around you." She said in a wistful and foggy voice. I scowled up at the woman.

Was this supposed to amuse me? Overall it wasn't very impressive. Pathetic witch.

"Bite me." I hissed while gathering my school supplies, my icy blue eyes never leaving hers until I was out of the class.

"Someone seems upset." I looked over to my right, seeing a smirking Malfoy. Ha! Like you've never gotten in trouble before.

I turned my head avoiding his gaze as we approached the Great Hall. Finally, I spoke. "Like you're the one to talk, Malfoy." I said adding a bright red apple to my lunch. "You're just jealous that you aren't eligible to compete in the Tri-Wizard Tournaments." I took a seat beside Blaise Zabini, another one of Malfoy's followers.

It was true. On the first day of school it had been announced that the Tri-Wizard Tournaments were being held at Hogwarts. And guess what I heard. Potter was going to compete. The kid didn't annoy me. He showed no signs of thinking highly of himself - not that he should - but this irked Malfoy. It was fun to see his face turn into a deep scowl at the mention of Potter's name.

Across from me sat Malfoy. As expected, a deep scowl was set in his features. Doesn't feel so good to be teased now, does it?

"Shut up, Adenah."

I took a bite of my apple, canines piercing it's paper like skin. I just loved it's crunchy, sweet, goodness. I swallowed the healthy treat, watching as Draco tapped his finger repeatedly on the table. "You wish, Malfoy."

He rolled his eyes before his two goons sat beside him: Crabbe and Goyle. Through the juicy goodness of my apple, I scowled. Only those two could make me get rid of my apple as well as my appetite. I stood up from my seat and walked to the doors of the Great Hall. My appetite had been defeated and I couldn't stand to look at those two idiots any longer.

"What's wrong, Adenah? Cat got your tongue." I turned my head to glower at Malfoy. I flipped the blonde off.

Pretty boy.


Is it just me, or does she get sluttier every time?

I leaned over the table, trying to get a good look at just what the hell she was doing. It seemed disgusting as I watched her face contort into a smug filled smirk.

I know I shouldn't judge, but I just never liked the girl. Wait! Is-is her hand on his thigh? Is he enjoying this type of contact? But her pug face - Ew! My face settled into a frown as I leaned back into my seat. I never thought DADA would be horrible. I had always loved the subject, though it never showed many curses, it talked about it's counters. The subject intrigued me.

But now, as I sit in my assigned seat, my face filled with disgust, I want to walk right out that door and never come back. I had full view of the two love birds. More like a prostitute with her most loyal customer.

Pug Faced Pansy, Pansy The Prostitute - Whatever you call her! The girl's got problems, I tell you! I covered my mouth, trying to contain the food that was slowly starting to come up. Yes, it was the hard faced Slytherin girl that made me want to puke my lunch and eat it than watch her failed attempts at seducing Malfoy.

She makes her self look more pathetic than usual. Is that even possible? A smirk decorated my lips. As fast as it came, my smirk vanished a second later at the sight of Pansy's hand rubbing Malfoy's inner thigh.

The Crucio Curse would be much better punishment than this. Oh bloody hell, I'm going blind! No - wait. That's just my partner waving something in my face. Stupid Terry.

I grabbed the seemingly burnt piece of parchment, watching it with curious eyes before turning to him.

He sighed and shook his head. "We're supposed to write down something that we fear." How is this relevant to the lesson? I just starred at him in utter confusion. "You weren't paying attention, were you?"

I shook my head from side to side.

"We're going to face a Bogart." Ravies and Slytherins started to line up at the door. I followed Terry unsure of what to do. He shook his head, his dark brown locks moving with him.

I think I just made myself look stupid in front of a Ravenclaw.

. . .

Oh well.


"Why is everything so green?" I mumbled to myself, taking in the forest. For the most part, it was green. Different shades of green to be exact. I could hear unicorns run and jump over the shown roots of the large trees above. I looked over at the Ravenclaw who stood beside me, petting on air.

"I think the Nargles seem to like green." The dirty blonde said behind me. Her silver gray eyes met mind moments before turning away, looking at the sky as if she was searching for an answer. "I have a feeling you're going to do something tomorrow." Luna cocked her head to the side. "Maybe it has something to do with Malfoy."

Was she implying something? No, Luna always sounds like that.

"Why must you think it's Malfoy?" I groaned leaning on the bark of a tree. I leaned my head back, also looking up into the sky. "He's so arrogant." My blue eyes then looked over at her, slightly confused. "Why would I want anything to do with such a git?"

She placed a pale white finger on her chin. "No reason, Jade." Her gaze dropped to the ground. "It's just a feeling." She shrugged.

I shrugged also, watching her walk in small circles around the forest floor, her waist long tresses trailing behind her. For some reason, I had always gotten along with Luna. When I first met her, she talked of Nargles and how they enjoyed the night. I not saying that I believed her but I did sit beside her on the train. I guess you could say that her talk of Nargles amuses me.

She's my source of entertainment. Nothing more.

A smirk grazed my lips. Maybe playing a prank on Malfoy wouldn't be so bad. Besides, I have the perfect prank. Sadly, it involves some of Pansy's methods and lengire. On the bright side, Malfoy will be embarrassed beyond repair.

I shrugged. Oh well. We all have our dirty little secrets, don't we?

"Tell me, Luna." My eyes landed on her. "Are you a "see"er?"

She shook her head. "Not at all."

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