Bitter Rivals, Sweet Seduction (A Draco Malfoy Love Story)

Jade Adenah has been attending hogwarts for four years now. She's been picked on by Snape and looked down upon by all the Slytherins. Only one person keeps her company and that's her enemy, Draco Malfoy. But when a special event starts to take place at Hogwarts her life turns upside-down. Truth's revealed, suspicious deaths occur, and a prank gone wrong - the three main culprits.

Chapter 10


For the rest of the day me and Luna walked around my muggle filled town. Both of my parents hate muggles though. I never questioned why we lived her though, out of all places.

The day was fun while it lasted. Luna helped me keep my mind off of Cedric and Draco. They were the last two people on my mind, but whenever I did think of them, I felt my mood dampen. Is this what guilt felt like? There was a pang in my chest. This feeling was smoldering me. I felt regretful, sad, maybe even a little. . . bad about Cedric.

What are you talking about, Jade? You never feel bad for anyone. Cedric was just a little puppy dog now. Don't tell me you feel something for him.

I scowled at my inner voice. No, I didn't feel anything for Cedric. Cedric, the boy who broke my heart once his eyes landed on Chang. And Chang. . .

Luna nudged me before I could think any more about the Ravenclaw.

"You shouldn't be thinking of the boys, Jade." I sighed. She knew me so well. Maybe I was just too easy to read. "Anyway, we're back at your house. I'm sure if your parents saw me and only me they wouldn't open the door." She looked up at me expectantly. I nodded at her, not denying or agreeing with her words, no matter how true they were.

I stepped up on the porch and rung the doorbell. There was one ring, then another, and soon the rest of the doorbells went off throughout the house. My house was actually the biggest on the block, and also the scariest.

The house had a black, tall, pointed fence around it that added to the haunted house feel that my house gave off. My house reminded me of the ones you would see in horror movies, where these stupid teen muggles venture inside and soon die off one by one. So, saying that my house looked scary was an understatement.

And yes, I'd watched a few muggle 'movies' before. Dad works at the ministry under the Muggle-Worthy Excuse Committee, so of course he's ventured around a bit in the muggle world. Luna, on the other hand, was nearly clueless about muggles. It was funny, cute, and annoying at the same time. I always had to explain things to her.

As we waited outside, Luna spoke. "Was I annoying you, Jade?" I raised my head to look at her. After I rung the doorbell, I took a seat on the steps, still deep in thought.

I looked down and mumbled, "Why do you ask?"

It was quiet for a while until she answered.

"Because you sat down scowling."

I frowned lightly, "Sorry, Luna."

Before any other words could be exchanged the door creaked open. I quickly stood up and dusted myself off. I was still an Adenah, after all, and I always had to look presentable. I had too much pride in my families name to not do so.

It was my father who answered. He had a small smile ghost over his lips as he glanced at me. It stayed there for a while until Luna spoke.

"Hello Mr. Adenah." She bowed slightly as a show of respect. I raised a brow at her, then looked over to my dad. I smirked at his reaction.

His eyes widened a fraction.

“Umm,” I bit my lip to keep from laughing. My Dad stuttered. "Hello Luna, Jade. Come in." He moved aside for us as we entered the house. The small smile that I wore disappeared.

Mother was peering out from the kitchen, a scowl over her face. Taking a good look at her, I noticed the dark circles under her eyes. She looked so skinny, and her cheeks were slightly sunken in, making her look older then she really was. She wore a black fitting dress with laced long sleeves. Mother glared at my father as we all walked into the living room. Her eyes eventually went to me.

I sat down on the white and black leather couch. Luna sat beside me, and my father sat in his black chair.

I knew mother was watching me. When our eyes met I looked away. She gave me an awful feeling, something that just didn't settle right with me.

Maybe it was a warning for what was soon to come.


"Do you still feel like there's something dark about my mother?"

We stood in my room. My back faced her as she sat on my bed, staring at all my posters and pictures I had. A knot grew in my stomach.

"It's stronger, really."

I turned to her. "Since when?"

Her blue eyes glanced up at me, probably scared of the sharp tone I used with her, before she looked down. "Ever since. . . she was glaring at your dad."

My face dropped. "Oh. . ."

Before I could say anymore, mother screamed my name, "Jade! Come down." I let out a sigh and motioned for Luna to come with me. I swear, sometimes, she reminded me of a lost puppy.

Downstairs, I was met by my mother's figure. Her arms folded, eyes cold; she was glaring at both me and Luna as if we killed her husband. I glare back at her, instinctively standing in front of Luna, who I believe was completely oblivious. I guess that was a good thing. It was also utterly annoying at the same time.

My eye twitched in aggravation.

My mother's voice pierced the overwhelming silence that surrounded us.

"Jade, the Malfoys are coming for dinner. I need you dressed. . ." She looked over my outfit, "properly before they arrive." Her eyes slid over to the blonde Ravenclaw before looking back at me. "Your friend-"

"Luna. Her name is Luna."

Mother scowled at me. "Luna," she spoke her name with venom, "can join us." I glanced over at Luna, who smiled at my mom.

"Thank you, Miss. Adenah." She bowed again. I raised a brow at her. I was starting to wish she would really stop doing that. Not that it was annoying (which it was) but there was no need for it. My parents weren't anything special. We were just second-best to the Malfoys.

"Of course mother." Was my stiff reply.


It was late at night when the Malfoys arrived. Mother had assembled us all in front of the door- father, Luna, and I. When she opened the door, a cold wind rushed in, but just the presence of the Malfoys themselves sent shivers down my spine.

Did I mention I didn't like them? Yeah, well, I really didn't like them.

They all stood together- Narcissa, Lucious, and Draco Malfoy- dressed in black just like my family. It looked as if we were attending a funeral. My eyes slid over to Luna, who was smiling happily. She was still in her brightly colored blue and purple outfit.

She stuck out like a sore thumb.

"Come in, Lucious. You look wonderful Narcissa. How is everything?" My mother's usual scowling face did a complete one-eighty. She was smiling, greeting the Malfoys as they entered our home. It was as if she was praising them.

The thought disgusted me.

My father was the one to greet them next, him in his black suit, as he shook Lucious' hand. "I hope everything's quite well with the family."

"Fine, fine. Everything's fine." Narcissa spoke for him, smiling as she slung an arm around Draco's shoulder. Oh look. . . I actually noticed him. "Isn't it Draco?"

Said boy merely nodded. I didn't waste my time on him for too long though, because mother already started guiding them to the kitchen.

I wore my black dress with long laced sleeves. It was similar to mother's, except mine had a V-neck. As an accessory, I wore my black pearl necklace along with matching earrings.

We all sat around the dining room table. Father was at the head of the table with mother to his left, Lucious was on his right and Narcissa beside him. I was seated between my mother and Luna, and across from Draco. We still hadn't spoken a word to each other. Actually, it was hard to even look at him. I remembered what he said when I last saw him. . .

"Didn't you hear, Cedric? She’s the Slytherin $lut."

I stared at my food that mother had conjured up. I could feel my eyes start to get watery, tears on the edge of falling. The distant memory still hurt to think about. All I could do was simply stare at my food, trying not to cry on the spot.

You're Jade Adenah. You don't cry. Others do.

I let out an audible sigh that I hoped no one else heard. I hoped no one else noticed the internal struggle I was having with myself. I started to slowly nibble on my food, while everyone else held conversations across the table.

There was only one voice I didn't hear.

It was the same voice that said those hurtful words toward me.

Hesitantly, I looked up. My eyes met with his smoldering gray ones. He looked at me intently, staring deep into my eyes. I felt my heart beat louder than usual, faster. His voice started to run through my head again.

I was going to cry.

I knew I was.

I needed to get away from here.

"Excuse me."

It was as if time stopped. As calmly as I could, I stood up, and left the table after excusing myself. Nearly as soon as I was out of the dining room, everyone started chatting again and eating their food. I could still feel one person's eyes one me. The one that made me feel this way.

As soon as I was out of sight I bolted for the bathroom. Tears blurred my vision, and sobs tried to escape my mouth.

I closed the door behind me and collapsed in the middle of the bathroom on the cold tiled floor. With my knees to my chest, black hair covering my face, I buried my head into my lap and cried. Closing my eyes tightly, I hoped that this night would be over, hoped that Draco would just disappear.

Why did I care about him so much?

Why do his words make me feel this way?

The bathroom door creaked.

I forgot to lock it. . .


Looking up, I gulped.


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