Random Scary Shiz :P

Because I have nothing better to do, and because I feel like sharing this, I'm going to write about random things that have happened to me or people I know that could be considered scary :P I'll put up anything from (possible) encounters with the paranormal, to times when I've scared my brother awesomely :D

Chapter 1

The Tent-Climber of Australia! Scary music plays

by: _Ripple_
This is something that happened to me a few years ago. I know most of you on this website are American, and you may or may not know that Australia is much warmer than America. This is one of the hottest times I can remember. It was boiling inside, boiling outside, people wouldn't even go to the beaches in my state because the sand burned and the water scalded you. So one night, I decided to set up the tent in my backyard and sleep in it, figuring it would be cooler than my bedroom (which is the warmest room in my house.)

It was all awesome, until at around midnight (Yes, midnight! DUN DUN DUN!) something...strange happened. I was just chillin' in my sleeping bag, being all awesome, when suddenly something black leaped onto the tent. It's long, sharp claws penetrated the fabric of the tent again and again as it dragged its heavy body upwards. After a few seconds of utter terror, the creature reached the top of the tent. To my surprise, it meowed quietly. I realised it was my insanely-evil kitten, being all ninja-like on the tent :D

Lol, thank you for listening!

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