Heart of a Hero (Hercules love story)

What do you think happens when a girl falls in love with a reincarnation of a famous Greek hero? Well, Guenevere finds love with one exactly.

Chapter 1

Meeting Hercules

I can honestly tell you I never planned to fall in love after my heart was broken, but it happened. It all started in dance class, when I was paired with Hercules for my partner. As expected he was strong and very handsome. He was tall and slender, with ivory pale skin. His hair was a short wavy coppery reddish blonde halo shining in the sunlight. His face was charming and extremely attractive, but what I noticed most was his eyes. His eyes were shining deep clear blue sapphires.We had to do the tango. he moved with such ease and grace that you would hardly believe that a guy like him could dance like that.
"Just follow my lead," he said gently,"I know this dance like the back of my hand."
I did as he said. Before I knew it, it seemed like everything was blocked out but the light, the music, and us. It was incredible. it felt like my feet never even touched the floor.Suddenly, for the finale-he dipped me! Oh Lord! I didn't see that coming! it took my breath away.Holy Crap! This guy is good.
After class, I was about to talk to him when monsters attacked. He pulled out a sword and began to fight the monsters. I'd never seen anyone fight as well as he did. It was absolutely incredible! Like the Dare Devil, he seemed to be someone without fear. After the fight was over(he won as heroes always do in these stories)he put his sword away and said," So what's new?"
As we talked we hit it off immediately..
Wow...I'm best friends with a hero...
Can you believe that....."

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