To My "Another Minutes In Heaven" & "Cold Case" Readers (They're Gone!!)

Chapter 1

To My Readers!!

Dear Readers,

Alas, I will not be continuing AMIH and CC. I know you're probably getting ready to curse me, but I am for several reasons.
1. Some parts were deleted and I have no FREAKING idea what it said so the story does not make much sense.
2. I messed up on one the stories.
3. Even if I tried to continue, I have absolutly no more ideas for them....considering I haven't for like 2 years...
4. I go back to look at them and realize that my writing completely SUCKED!!! Well, at least i think so. I have improved very much and could give you better.

Maybe in the future, I will rewrite it to be better...and complete. That's MAYBE!
So you can imagine your own ending.

But for any readers who are curious to know, I AM writing a story. It's a Harry Potter Fan Fiction. It is better written than my last stories, more details and events and whatnot. I have learned to complete a story before publishing parts. Write before type!!!
I hope you are willing to wait for my next piece of work, for I will not let you down!!
I'm not sure exaclty when I will start putting it up, but it might not be for another month, then again i wrote 3 long chapters today, so who freaking knows!!
SO check back every so often for updates and to see if I started my HPFF PLEASEE!!

Sincerly Yours,

PS Today, 5/23/12, I deleted all the old quizzes. I mean, they're were missing parts, and they were just bad.


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