Songs That Changed My Life (Repost)

Chapter 1


Song that makes me want to kill something: Riot by Three Days Grace

Song that annoys me the most: Kids by MGMT

Song that I love the most: I have a lot of favorite songs, but I'm stuck between these two - What Hurts the Most and Here Comes Goodbye, both by Rascal Flatts :)

Song that scares me the most: In The Dark by Dev (in a funny way :P)

Song that makes me want to beat something up: Fireflies by Owl City (heard it so many freaking times!!! facedesk)

Song that makes me want to get up and dance: Raise Your Glass by P!nk

Song that I listen to during homework: A lot....I have the Pandora Internet radio app on my phone, so I get a lot of music from it =p

Song that I hate: ANYTHING by Justin Bieber T_T

Song that I can relate to the most: Here Comes Goodbye by Rascal Flatts

Song that makes me really cheery: Again, I don't know, because a lot of songs make me happy XD

Song that made me mischievous: Don't even know how that got in no, I don't know....

Song that I could listen to forever: Fall For You by Secondhand Serenade and When I'm With You by Faber Drive

Song that truly changed me: The Only Exception by Paramore and What Hurts the Most by Rascal Flatts (Paramore made me realize that there is always one person out there who will love you in return, no matter how down you may be, and Rascal Flatts in general just make me think about the world and make me realize how lucky I am.)


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