Harry Potter Instant Messaging

Harry Potter Instant Messaging

Just something fun to pass the time!

Chapter 5

Elementary Wand Safety

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Chozen1: OMG Mad-eye was right! Never put your wand in your back pocket!!!
WeazleKing: Why Harry, what happened?!
Chozen1: I went to put my want away and the tip ignited! I have a huge burn on the left side of my butt!
BookWrm79: Oh no! Harry, are you alright?
WeazleKing: Hermione, the guy just burned his butt off, of course he isn't alright!
Chozen1: I have quidditch practice in an hour and I can't sit down on a pillow, let alone a broomstick.
WeazleKing: I can't breathe!! Laughing too hard!!
BookWrm79: Shut up Ron! Have a little more sympathy!
WeazleKing: Hermione, he set his butt on fire, how can you not be laughing right now?
Chozen1: Guys please, what am I going to do?
BookWrm79: Well you have to go see madam pomfrey obviously
Chozen1: Hermione, how can I? This is way too embarassing!
WeazleKing: HAHAHAHAHA!!!! Show madam pomfrey your bum Harry!!
Chozen1: Ron, I am going to blow your butt off next time I see you and then you can go to madam pomfrey and show her your butt
BookWrm79: Harry, don't punish Madam P like that. No one wants to see Ron's butt
WeazleKing: Whatever, you know you can't keep your eyes off my backside Hermione. You don't have to beat around the bush, if you wanna grab it all you have to do is ask. Come on Hermione, free grabbies.
BookWrm79: You are disgusting Ron!
Chozen1: guys please!!

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Wrackspurt15: what is going on guys?
WeazleKing: Harry burned his butt off with his wand.
Chozen1: SHUT UP RON!!
Wrackspurt15: wow Harry, why did you do that? Is it a new fad? It doesn't seem very smart.
Chozen1: I didn't do it on purpose luna!
Wrackspurt15: Then why did you do it?
Chozen1: It was just an accident.
Wrackspurt15: that doesn't sound like you Harry. It sounds more like Ronald.
WeazleKing: Hey! It does not sound like me!
BookWrm79: Now I'm laughing LOL!!
SoCkLvR: Harry Potter sir, are you okay? Does you need Dobby's help? Dobby can help sir!
Chozen1: Thanks Dobby, but I don't think there is anything you can do
SoCkLvR: but Dobby can heal burns sir, Dobby can help you
Chozen1: I don't know Dobby
WeazleKing: Well its either dobby or Madam Pomfrey, take your pick.
Chozen1: Are you sure you can do this Dobby?
SoCkLvR: Dobby is sure sir, where are you Harry Potter sir?
Chozen1: I'm in the room of requirement
SoCkLvR: Dobby will be there in just a second sir!

SoCkLvR left the chat

Chozen1: I hope this works, I will be back in a few

Chozen1 left the chat

WeazleKing: Do you think Dobby can heal him?
Wrackspurt15: Well house elves are full of magic we have no idea about. They are the ones that created dragons you know, to get back at wizards for not giving them wands.
BookWrm79: That is ridiculous Luna, but yes, I think Dobby can heal him.
WeazleKing: I really wish I could see it.
BookWrm79: You are his best friend Ron, can't you show a little more sympathy?
WeazleKing: If it was me he would be laughing just as hard and you know it.

Chozen1 joined the chat

BookWrm79: well Harry, how did it go?
WeazleKing: yeah, did Dobby kiss it and make it better
Chozen1: Dobby fixed it. And if all of you place any value in our friendship, you will never speak of this again.

Chozen1 left the chat

Wrackspurt15: wow, he is sensitive about this huh. Well, I think I feel a swarm of wrackspurts headed this way. I better go get my gurdyroot spray to fend them off. Bye hermione, Bye Ronald

Wrackspurt15 left the chat

BookWrm79: I suggest you listen to Harry Ron, unless you want to have tenticles growing from your armpits.

BookWrm79 left the chat

WeazleKing: I really need to find more friends

WeazleKing left the chat

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