Harry Potter Instant Messaging

Harry Potter Instant Messaging

Just something fun to pass the time!

Chapter 2

Nose Jokes

Thing1 Joined the chat
Thing2 Joined the chat

Thing1: George! did you put those fiilibuster's fireworks in Snapes underwear drawer?!
Thing2 : Of course I did! Serves him right for assigning that ridiculous essay in class today!
Thing1: OMG! I just saw a pair of his whitey-tightys flying down the charms corridor while he chased them in his bare feet! Pumpkin Juice came out my nose I laughed so hard! You're a freaking genius!
Thing2 : I think this may be the best prank yet! I have never seen him so mad!
Thing1 : He is defenately on the war path. is there any way he will know it was you?
Thing2 : Who cares? It was work detention any day to see Snape chasing down his own knickers!

SxySnakeCharmer Joioned the chat

SxySnakeCharmer: what are you two talking about?
Thing1: Nothing, keep your nose out of it!
SxySnakeCharmer: Not Funny!!
Thing2 : Oh, right.
Thing1: ...I think its funny
SxySnakeCharmer: You better check yourself! I'll kill you with one wave of my wand.
Thing1: You have to find me first!
SxySnakeCharmer: I can find you whenever I want!
Thing1: What are you going to do? Sniff me out?
SxySnakeCharmer: Enough with the nose jokes! Avada Kadavera!!
Thing2 :......
Thing1: George, you still breathing?!?
Thing2 : Hang on, let me check...Yep, I sure am! How about you Fred? Still kicking or have you dropped dead?
Thing1: Holy Crap George! Its a miracle! I'm still alive! Praise the gods!!
SxySnakeCharmer: Are you two olsen twins done?
Thing1: Olsen twins? DIBBS ON MARY KATE!!
Thing2 : is she the one with the drug problem?
Thing1: No, that Voldy's mom.
Thing2 : OOooo BURN!
SxySnakeCharmer: You son of a...! I'll kill both of you identa-freaks!
Thing1: Oh come on, don't get your nose out of joint
Thing2 :LMAO!!!
SxySnakeCharmer: ENOUGH NOSE JOKES!!
Thing1: Oh come on Voldy, put on your big boy boxers and calm down.
Thing2 : Why are you even in this chat room?
SxySnakeCharmer: I just wanted to see what you guys were talking about. Is that a crime?
Thing1: Well if you can't handle the heat, don't be so nosey.

SxySnakeCharmer left the chat

Thing1: How did he become the world's most evil wizard if he can't even take a joke?
Thing2 : Maybe its his "time of the month"
Thing1: Uh Oh George, Snape is headed your way, he has caught his knickers and he looks ready to kill!
Thing2 : I better go, I'm to cute to die!

Thing2 left the chat
Thing1 left the chat

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