Pureblood, mud blood, bloodtraitor

Once again my character!
Name:Rosala Lee aka Rose
Friends:Harry, Hermione, Ron, Fred, George
Enemies:Draco (but not for long), Pansy, Blaise
Appearance:long black hair, 5'3,
Personality:shy, kind, caring, honest,emotional,
Pet:yellow cat name twinkie, small blank and white owl name penguin
Relatives:Godfather- Severus Snape, godmother- Lily Potter (deceased), godbrother- Harry Potter,
birthmark of a rose on the nap of her neck, by her right shoulder

Chapter 17


"Zander." I whispered. I stole George's wand and went underwater. I cast a bubble head charm around my head and did the same for the girls who followed my lead. We swam to the deepest corner and sat on the rocks that i conjured up. "Why is he here?"

"Hey what is that suppose to mean?" Hermione said.

"No offense Hermione but he's a real pervert." I told her. Nicki nodded in agreement.

"Let's just stay down here for a while. I don't want to see him for awhile." Nicki said. "I don't want to see George anytime soon. Still mad at him." She crossed her arms. We sat down there under the pool for half an hour until we heard a couple more splashes from above.

"I know those feet from anywhere." Ginny sighed.

I'm guessing Harry's here?" Nicki said. "O that one's George." She pointed to the one on the right.

"And theres Zander's and Ron's." Hermione said.

"You thinking what I'm thinking?" I said mischievously. They all nodded and we slowly swam up. We each got into postions. Hermione getting ready to grab Zander's leg, Nicki to grab George's, Ginny to grab Harry's, and me about to grab Ron's. But then we stopped when we heard them talking about us.

Boys p.o.v.

"Hey what happened to the girls?" Zander said. "They were just here two seconds ago."

"Maybe your face scared them," Ron, George and Fred laughed.

"Haha very funny." Zander said sarcastically.

"Oh Harry dear. It's good to finally see you." Mrs. Weasley said as she ran over to the garden shed. "Where's Professor Dumbledore? Didnt he bring you here."

"Well he had something to do so he left." Harry said. "Where's Ron and hermione?"

"They're in the back with Nicki and Rose." Harry scoffed and walked to the back and saw Ron, George, Fred, and Zander in the pool. "What's he doing here?" He pointed at Zander.

"Because I was invited." Zander glared at Harry.

"Why are you being mean Harry?" George said.

"Zander was invited for a party." Fred said.

"What party?" Harry said.

Fred and George looked at each other and said, "Nothing."

"Come on Harry," Ron dragged him over to the pool. "Let's go in."

"I'll come too."George hopped in the pool along with Zander, Ron, and Harry.

"Hey George how's it going with you and Nicki?" Zander ask.

"Your still with that girl?" Harry rolled his eyes.

"Hey. That's my girlfriend your talking about."

"She's a slytherin for godsake. She's evil just like her friend."

"That's cause you don't take the time to know them." Ron said. At this time the girls were planning a scheme underneath the surface of the water. "I'm going to ask Rose out this year."

"What?!" All the boys yelled.

"Are you crazy?" Harry yelled. "She's a slytherin. For godsake. Her father's Snape."

"So Hermione fancies Zander and he's Slytherin." Ron said. "Shoot I wasn't suppose to say that."

"She does?"Zander eyes sparkled.

"Don't stop me from going out with Rose Harry." Ron said. "I'll tell Ginny about your little crush on her. Harry glared at Ron.

"So how about a double date than Ron?" George suggested. "After you ask out Rose of course."

"And we can make it a triple once I ask Hermione out." Zander buffed out his chest.

"Are you guys insane? Slytherins and Gryffindors can not in no way date each other." Harry yelled. "Zander your a player. Nicki is the daughter of a murderer who killed Sirius. And Rose, she is Snape's daughter, who thinks that reason makes it free for her to do whatever she wants. She's just a spoiled brat."

Rose p.o.v.

I didn't wait to hear anymore. My hair turned reddish black the color of death. My eyes turned red with anger. The water started to boil and get hot. At this point the other girls are already out of the pool.

"Ow the water is boiling hot." Harry said.

"Rose what are you doing?" Ron asked.

"Are you making the water boil?" George asked.

"Let's get out of here," Zander said. They all tried to move but couldn't. "Why can't we move." Soon the water started to boil longer and hotter.

"Rose stop it," Hermione and Nicki yelled.

"Mum! Mum!" Ginny yelled. "Rose get out of the water you'll burn too. Mum!"

"Oh dear what's going on?" Mrs. Weasley ran out of the house. Professor Snape running after her.

"What is going on here?" Snape said. "Rose what are you doing." His eyes widen with shock. He ran over and grabbed her out of the water. The water stop boiling and started to cool down. Harry, Ron, Zander, and George was able to come out of the pool but now they were all covered in red boils. Percy, Bill, Charlie, and Fred ran over to help.

"What just happened?" I said sluggishly. "Papa? I feel so tired." I didn't remember anything else cause at this point I blacked out.

Many months have gone by since I wrote last chapter. Sorry readers!!! I'll try to write a new chapter once I get 5 comments. Live you all.

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