Yours? (A Slave Love Story) Read Intro!

Heeeey so this is my sorta slave love story thingy-ma-bob! I reeeeeeeeaaaaallly hope you like it! Please rate and comment!

Anyway here's the description.

Name: Trayton Morrison (Idk made it up)
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Physical features: Dark brown hair, straight (sorta like Alex Evens') Dark chocolate brown eyes. Soft smooth skin. Thin. Strong. Intimidating. Rich (Yeah I know not really original)

Btw your 17 :)

PS this is made for Ryan :)

Chapter 1

Why me?

by: stopomg
Why? Why me? Why did this happen to me?!? There are 10000000000000000000000000000000000000000 people in the world and this happened to me.

We had just moved to Ohio. This was my second week here, and I already absolutely HATE it. I go to an all girls school called St.Marks school for girls. It's horrible there. No one likes new comers. NO ONE. I've tried to make friends, I really have. But, whenever I talk or introduce my self to someone, they just ignore me! It's terrible.
The only thing that keeps me going is my friends. They talk to me everyday on the phone or on Facebook. But, I know that pretty soon they're going to give up on keeping contact with me.

And then there's my boyfriend. Or my long-distance boyfriend. Kyle. Totally sweet AND hot. He's amazing. He swore to me that he would love me forever, and that he would never give me up. We agreed on having a long distance relationship until Christmas. Then, he was going to come and visit me. It was almost livable. Almost. It's just so lonely here. Since I have no friends all I do is Sleep, eat, and work. On top of all this there's also the fact that we barely have enough money to live on. See, my dad work transferred him here. We didn't have much money to begin with, so now until he gets paid again we have to scrimp and save all the money we can. My mom and dad have become stressed. I haven't seen either of them smile since we moved here. In fact I don't even talk to them other than to say "Goodnight" or "Super's ready" or "Hurry up" etc.

This sucks.

"_! Come down here please!" your mom called to you. You sighed, turned off your laptop and headed downstairs. At the bottom of the stairs you found your parents with very solemn faces. "What's wrong?" you asked a bit nervously. "_" you dad said softly, "We can't do it. We just can't take care of you anymore." "What?!?" you asked your eyes wide with fear. "As you know our money has been running extremely low. It's gotten worse. We don't have enough. _ Your going to have to move in with your father's friends son." your mom said gently. "Trayton" your dad puts in. "Look _ I know this is big for you. It's big for us too. But just remember that we're doing this out of love. We love you so much. And this is probably the hardest thing we've ever had to do." your mom says. All you can do is nod meekly.

~The next day~
You were unhappily seated in a long black lime. I know what your thinking. Wow! A limo!?! Is she crazy?!? She should be liven' it up! Well under normal circumstances I would be screaming out the windows "I'M IN A LIMO! MWAHAHAHA I AM IN A LIMMMMMMMMMO!" But this time all your mind was focused on was "Trayton".
All you knew about him was he was 18 and he was unbelievably rich. What if he's a rapist? What if he's a dork? What if he's a screwed up stalker? Your imagination ran wild. You were at the back of the limo. When you entered the driver said hi and then grudgingly carried in your bags.
At long last the vehicle pulled to a halt. You were so nervous that your hands were shaking. Then the door swung open, revealing the most gorgeous man (well teenager I guess. Lol) you had ever seen.


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