My Poems{Bars}

My Poems{Bars}

Hey Guys,
Okay so this is a kinda poem thing...
I thought I'd share it with you...
I wrote it when I was going through a bad time...
So please tell me what ya'll think okay?

Chapter 1

What You Created

by: HariDeen
Her smile hides her pain.Guarded eyes,too many lies.
Blade against her skin too make her feel alive.
The scars she wears are nothing compared to her shattered heart.
Sitting all alone trying to make sense.

She's playing your twisted game.
This isn't her.
Dreamer with all the hopes in the world.
She trusted you.
All of you.
You hurt her deeper then you know.
You told her you'd never leave her.
Until the end.

Again and again she passed your stupid test.
You raised her up to watch her fail.
Never.Forever.Somewhere in between.
Just the lost girls dreams.
She belonged.She felt safe.

Now look at her!
You took that away.
You couldn't handle her.
She always had her own mind.
Tried to tame her,make her like the rest.
A fake barbie robot.
That's not her,unique.

So you tried to break her,shake her.
She wouldn't budge.
You told her she was weak.A freak.
She shed a few pounds.Cried a few tears.
She was still finding herself.

What?Was she a threat?
Yes she was naive.
She believed all your endless lies.
Her guard was down.
She let you in.
Told you her deepest darkest secrets.
You never helped.
You made her feel worse.
Trust is what is gave.
Weakness is what you searched for.

You made her lose herself.
To be one of you.
She changed for you.
She was walking to YOUR beat.Your pace.
You still mocked.
Did you ever see what she saw?
Felt what she did?

Fists against flesh.Weapons.Screams.Cries.
Little girlHurts....pain....THEM
Its all a blur,like the forming tears.
She wanted to get away.
You gave it,then took it away.
She's numb from it all.

You built her with your lies and backstabbing.
She'll survive like she was taught.
As if you laugh.
Don't test her.
You don't know what she's capable of.
She's seen through you all now.

Your the begs.Scrapes.Fakes.
Take one look into her eyes.
See her for what she is.WHO she is.
You thought you knew her?
None of you did.

Little girl is now grown.
She's a woman.
A fighter.
Not a victim any more.
She'll play you like a movie.
Not that fragile nice girl no more?
You did this.
What You Created

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