What I Wanna Be When I Grow Up Is Accepted

Name: Akemi Lyun
Name Meaning: Akemi "Love Song" Lyun "No meaning"
Hair: Light pink, really long, always in pigtails
Eyes: Black but she wears glasses
Her personality will be figured out in the story.

Name: Akio Lyun
Name Meaning: Bright boy
Hair: Short spiked, black
Eyes: Black
His personality will be figured out in the story.

Chapter 1

October 31st, 2001

by: gallavich
"Mommy, I brought you tea." I said softly as I walked into my mom's room. She had been sick for about a month with a disease that they were trying to cure. I didn't know what disease she had, but now I know it was AIDS.
"Thank you, sweety. You have been quite the little nurse for me the past month, haven't you?" She asked in a weak voice.
"Heehee, arigato." I giggled. I handed her the tray of herbal tea and small sandwiches.
"Arigato, Musume." She said. Musume meant daughter in japanese. My family was japanese.
"You are welcome. Now eat up, you must stay strong." I told her as she picked up a sandwich.
"I will, Musume. Now go sleep. It's extremely early in the morning." She said.
"Yes mommy." I said, leaving the room to go to bed.
The next morning
"Aaaaaaah!" I woke up to a scream.
"Mommy!" I exclaimed, running out of bed and going into my mom's room. She was laying on her bed screaming her head off.
"Mommy! Don't die! Please!" I cried as I took hold of her petit hand.
"Honey, before I die... I want to give you this." She said, holding out a bracelet that looked way too big for me. It's garnets and opals shone. Me and my mom's birthstones.
"It's so pretty. But it's so big..." I said.
"I was going to give it to you for your 16th birthday. But since I can't, obviously, I am giving it to you now." She said, a slight smile playing on her lips.
"Mommy, you can't die."
"It's a part of life. Don't cry for me, Musume. I will be in God's loving arms." She said, then she died right infront of me.


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