Your Royal Love:  A Mindless Behavior Love Story

Your Royal Love: A Mindless Behavior Love Story

I need 3+ comments to continue, It really doesn't matter just tell me if you like it

Chapter 2

Help Me.... I thought you would be there

"I guess we're all dating now" Ray Ray said. "Who's ready to go?" Roc Royal asked. "We are" we all said. Anyway we all said goodbye and our boyfriends walked us home. Princeton and I started walking in an alley. "So, what do you wanna do" I asked. "You really wanna know" he said. "Yeah, I'll do anything you want we already did what I wanted" "Okay" he said and pinned me to the wall and started kissing me. I began to unbutton his shirt but my phone rang. It was my mom. The text said: Meet me at burger king right now. It was from a different phone number and I assumed it was because she lost all of her minutes, so I gave Princeton a quick kiss on the cheek and said bye. "Wait! Can I have your cell phone number at least?" "Yeah" I replied and wrote it on his arm. Anyway, I went to burger king and saw Jacob there. "Oh not this fool again" I mumbled as he approached me. "So you got the text message I sent you?" he said and grabbed my arm. "I'm leaving" I said and tried to walk away, but he pulled me bye my hair and dragged me into this dark room and knocked me unconscious. About 2 hours later, I woke up with duct tape around my mouth, legs, and arms. My shirt was unbuttoned and so were my pants, the side of my head was bleeding and I couldn't see that well. I began kicking and trying to scream for help, and Jacob came in and took the tape off my mouth. "Ow!" I said and began crying. "Please let me go" I tried pleading with him but he wouldn't let me. He walked back out the room and I noticed a box cutter and I picked it up with my mouth. I began cutting the tape off my hands. After I got it off my hands I took the tape off my feet, got my shoes and jumped out the window. I began running toward my house which was 3 blocks away, when Jacob came running after me. "Hey! Get Back Here!!" he said running behind me. I began to feel dizzy, but I made it to my door. Someone left the door unlocked so I ran in, closed the door and I saw a quick glimpse of my big brother before passing out. I woke up looking at a ceiling. I looked to my right and Princeton, Savanna, Roc Royal, Rae, Lauryn, Prodigy, Ray Ray, my mom, and my brother were standing there. "Where am I?" I asked. "You were attacked by someone" my mom said. "I'm just glad she's okay. Who did this to you?" Princeton asked. For some unknown reason I said, "I don't know" "Okay, I'll be sure to beat the crap out of him!" he sad punching his hand with his fist. "I'll help" Roc Royal said pretending he was excercising. Do you guys think I should tell Prnceton it was Jacob who hurt me?

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