Your Royal Love:  A Mindless Behavior Love Story

Your Royal Love: A Mindless Behavior Love Story

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Chapter 1

I Never Knew Love Felt Like This

So I was sitting here cleaning my room when my friend Savanna called me.

"Hello" I answered.
"Hey Hey Hey! Wanna go to the mall?" she asked.

"Sure, I don't see why not"

"Okay I'll pick you up in 5 minutes"

"Alright" I said and then hung up the phone.

I was wearing a pink M.J. shirt with the photo of the Thriller album on it and some pink skinny jeans with some light pink blazers, but enough of me, let me tell you what happened.

Anyway, Savanna's mom honked the horn and I ran outside.

"Hey!" my best friend Lauryn yelled out the window.

"Hey I replied back,

"Are you ready?"

"Yesssss" she said smiling.

Anyway, while we were driving to the mall we were sing along to "Super Bass" and as most of my friends know I'm the rapper of the gang so I pretty much sang lead and they sang back up.

When we got to the mall, Savanna's mom parked in the front and said, "I'll pick you guys up at 9:30, so you guys have 5 hours to yourselves"

"Okay, Mrs. Martin"

"Bye girls" she said driving off.

We went inside the mall and started to head for the food court when Jacob Latimore approached us.

"Hey baby, why don't you come hang out with me" he said grabbing my hand.

"Fool, if you don't get your hand off of me I'll punch you in your throat so hard, you'll be talking straight up english!"

"Tell him Nikki!" I heard my friends say behind me.

"Fiesty, huh I like that."

"No, leave me alone!" I yelled. "

fine, I guess I'll just have to beat you to listen to me then"

He was so close to hitting me but someone else's hand grabbed his and they said,

"You hit her, I'll beat your a**" I looked up and saw who it was, Princeton from Mindless Behavior.

The rest of the guys were standing behind him.

"I'll get you next time, watch" he said and walked away.

"Thanks" I said to him.

"Your welcome, so what's your name?" Princeton asked.

"Nikki, but you can call me Nick if you want" I replied.

"I'm Jacob, but everybody calls me Princeton.

This is Ray Ray, Roc Royal, and Prodigy" He said pointing to three other boys.

"Hey" they said to us.

Prodigy grabbed Savanna's hand and they started walking to the food court.

Roc Royal and Rae went to Hot Topic.

Ray Ray and Lauryn went to buy a bunch of purple high tops at Footlocker.

Leaving me and Princeton alone.

"So where do you want to go?" he asked, looking at me.

"Oh, the fountains are empty, let's go over there."

He grabbed my hand and we started walking.

When we got there, I asked, "So how is the traveling?"

"Oh, the rooms are air conditioned, and we all have a bunk bed." He said smiling.

"I do too, but I share it with my older brother Chris"

"Oh, lucky, I'm an only child"

"Boy I'd trade with you, because if I'm with my brother any longer I'm gonna kill him"

We both started laughing and when we stopped we started looking at each other.

I started to lean in to kiss him and he leaned in too and we started kissing.

The kiss was about 20 seconds long before everybody else came.

"Ooooh, look at these love birds" Lauryn said smiling.

"She's my new girlfriend" Princeton said putting his arm over my shoulder.

I smiled at him and thought "Wow, I never knew love felt like this"

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