I'm Sorry - A George Weasley Love Story

Name: Cheri (Sheri) Granger she's Hermione's cousin
Age: 16
Personality: happy, crazy, fun-loving, pranker, lovable
Apperence: straight, mid-back red-brown hair, dark, dark blue eyes (almost violet)

Chapter 1

"That's Bambi's mom."



I laughed. "Come on Hermione! Lets go!" she laughed, and I dragged her through Diagon Alley, trying to find the Weasleys and the all-famous, Harry Potter. "Where is the shop?!" I wondered aloud. "The only reason you want to get ther so fast to to kiss George." "You kow it." "Ugg!" I laughed, and ran faster. I kept running down the alley, and finally found him. "George!" I exclaimed as I jumpd on his back. He didn't laugh like he normally did. He stayed silent. "George? What's wrong?" He avoided my eyes, and then Hermione caught up. "Hey." George looked uncomfertable. "Hey, can I talk to Cheri alone for a moment?" Hermione, though confused, nodded, then walked off. "What's up?" I asked. "Cheri, I think we should break up." I staired, not comprehending what he was saying. I tilted my head, like you see dogs do when they want a treat. "What?" He sighed. "I think we should break up. I don't well, like you anymore. I'll like you, but not like-like anymore." I didn't get it. "W-w-what? Y-you don't like me?"

- I would have made it longer, but my brother wanted the computer. :/ I'll make the next one longer, promise. :) -

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