k everybody happy?

blablabla read the story >.>

Chapter 1


by: iRoos
yeah so johnny deleted
and i just wanted to say that i think its very amusing that people who hated him are acting nice now :)
stop. being. so. fvcking. lame.
got that? great >.>
its 2 am
i'm tired
not in the mood to sleep
had enough bullshiit for today
no one even cares about this so i have no idea why i'm making it -.-
but idc either :)
quibblo just lost an awesome person -.-
no more random quizzes that make your day
no more comments that make you laugh
no more pointless/rude stories
now i'm sure that some of you are happy he left
but some people actually cared about him/liked him

now fvck this
bored -.-
i still have his msn so for the people who dont: sux to be you :P

time to go to sleep >.>
oh and i'll try to complete his work :P to tell dumb/annoying people how dumb/annoying they are ^_^

no idea what i'm thinking tomorrow but right now i'm just not really in a good mood -.-

so yeah...
thank you for reading this
people who like johnny --> you're awesome :P
people who dont like johnny --> you're lame and thats why he left -.-
i love johnny and now i have to find a new 1st friend :(
or i'll leave it this way :3

nitez :)


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