The Blue eyed Dragon and the Witch (Seto Kaiba)

What happens when the C.E.O of Kaiba corp leaves for a business related matter and ends up meeting a witch with an attitude to match her....

By the way this is a copy of a story I wrote about three years ago, and no I didn't re-write it now..just copied.

Chapter 1

Zombies & Meetings

Tsuki yawned lightly as she placed her Harry Potter book on the counter and looked up at the clock which hung above the door of her occult shop 'Magical Attractions' it was called, named after the girls favourite book.

Nearly half three..she thought stifling another yawn, it was pretty early in the day, yet she felt exhausted due to the late night zombie hunt. In the last three weeks Tsuki had taken care of twenty zombies, it was really getting on her nerves, felt like an infestation, well how couldn't it? Usually only two or three zombies popped up out of their graves, and that was only due to the extreme hatred, or wish of revenge..not that they could comprehend their thoughts of revenge when they were out of the earth...

Tsuki sighed lightly, she rubbed her eyes and then got up, picking up a large box that had been laying on the floor beside her; she walked over to a shelf which was filled with many different kinds of spell books and grimoires. Opening the box she filled the empty spaces on the shelf with new stock. Someone must be controlling these zombies, someone powerful..maybe another witch? she thought unconciously slipping into a daze which meant she didn't hear the small bell over the doors of the shop ring signalling that someone had come inside...

Two people had entered the occult shop, The male, a brunette smirked slightly as he saw the small brunette unpacking books on the shelves, he camly, yet very silenty walked over to her then slowly wrapped his arm around the girls waist "Tsuki, could get killed. Not paying attention like this.." he whispered seductively. Snapping out of her thoughts Tsuki frowned "hands off me." she spoked coldly, the male chuckled and kissed her cheek playfully, then let go and ran a hand through his hair "so, what were you thinking about?" he asked, puling the box towards him, he began stocking up books on a higher shelf, saving the girl time of having to get a ladder.

Gabrielle had watched the scened unfold with a small smile on her pale face; she walked over tot he counter, and jumping on top of it sighed lightly "The girl was obviously thinking about zombies." she answered her brothers question.

Tsuki glanced over at Gabrielled "Get off my counter." she said, pretending to be annoyed by the female. The girl laughed "Nah, I don't want to" she answered making Tsuki roll her eyes. "Yes I have been thinking about zombies...they have been attacking civillians" she answered, letting out a small sigh and folding up the box as Sin placed the last book on the top shelf. "Someone has to be controlling them. It's not good having so many undead awakening." she said walking over and behind the counter and placing the folded up box underneath. Gabrielled nodded "I think so too." she answered, watching her brother lean on a small bookshelf that stood close to the entrance of the store "Who could be controlling zombies?" he asked looking confused, he never took interest in what the girls talked about, he just liked doing the physical work, afterall, how many people could have fought a werewolf and survived? sadly, fighting zombies was not as much fun, with all the gunk and dirt on them. "That's the thing Sin, we don't know." the girls answered in unison, sounding annoyed at how he hadn't been paying attention to last nights and todays conversations.

Gabrielle looked down at her watch and frowed slightly "Ok, Frost, I have to go. One more shift left at the cafe." the girl said as she jumped off the counter and began making her way to the exit "Yeah, me too." Sin said fixing up his jackets collar "some rich guy wants his BMW fixed by six o'clock tonight" he said, rolling his eyes as he walked out with his sister. Once again Tsuki was left alone in the dark occult shop, sighing she sat back down and picked up her book deciding she was not going to worry about the zombies right now...

The bell above the door rang once more and Tsuki heard giggling as two blonde girls walked inside the shop heading right for the love spells section, the brunette had barely glanced at them before returning back to her reading. Ten minutes later they approached to counter, still giggling and whispering to each other, both girls were no older than fourteen years old and obviously cheerleaders..afterall they wore the uniforms. Tsuki stood up and scanned the book feeling a tad bit dissapointed that the girls had chosen such a means of finding love. Don't think this will help you she thought. " that's £14.99" she said as she placed the book in a bag then took their money, handing the change from their twenty.....

There were several other customers that had come into the shop to buy candles and other trinkets; some people had even baughte the mangas that the store sold.

At six o'clock Tsuki yawned and sipped her coffee finsihing off the book, the doors opened, Tsuki looked up and smiled at the tall brunette, he had the most amazing sapphire coloured eyes, wore a black turtleneck with black jeans and a long white trench coat, beside him stood a much younger boy, maybe ten of eleven years old. He had messy black hair that suck out in all directions which Tsuki found unbelievebly cute. Noticing her, the young boy smiled brightly and ran over to the counter "Hi" he said with a japanese accent. Tsuki closed her book and placed her plastic starbucks cup under the counter "Well hello there" she said sweetly making the boy smile even brighter "you work here right?" he asked cutely "Wouldn't be behind the cash register reading if I wasn't" she said with a playful wink. The tall man walked over to the counter standing beside the boy "Mokuba why don't you get what you wanted so that we can leave." the younger boy now known as Mokuba pouted and sighed "Wel..ok..." he said as he turned back to Tsuki " you sell mangas?" he asked unsurely, felling a little idiotic, this was an occult shop why would they sell comic books?
The girl laughed gently "sure we do, they're over there." she said pointing towards the back shelves that were littlered with all sorts of mangas. Mokubas face brightened immediatly and without waiting he ran over to the shelves, scanning them for what he wanted. Tsuki sweatdropped slightly before she took her seat and picked up the coffee "latest issue of one piece?" she asked, her eyes watching the tall man who seemed to have tensed up once his brother ran off, he nodded. Mokuba walked back to the counter with seven different books "I want these." he said and the taller man nodded and pulled out his wallet and paid "you should try reading beezlebub, its kind of gothic horror...very cool." she said and Mokuba nodded "I will" he said as he was handed the bag with his books.

Mokuba and his brother were halfway out the door when the boy turned back nd spoke " you sell anything that helps with nightmares?" he asked quite boldly, Tsuki nodded "yes of course" she said coming out from behind the counter "how bad are they?"
Mokuba looked up at his brother "Seto, how bad are they?" he asked innocently, the older man frowned "Mokuba I doubt someone from an occult shop will help me with nightmares." he answered, Tsuki frowned jeez how stuck up she thought as she picked up a black silk bag that was small enough to fit into her palm and filled it with Lavender, mugwort, hyacinth flowers, anise, cedar, rosemary, valerian, hops, marjoram, dittany of Greece, garlic and thyme while she was doing this Mokuba's eyes were glued to her hands, staring at the herbs. Once finished Tsuki tied up the bag and walked over to them, placing it in the older males hand "place this under your pillow it will help with nightmares. Also you should get new herbs every two weeks or so." she added.

Seto looked extrmily annoyed as the girl touched him but he didn't move away, something about her made him feel rooted to his spot, her touch sent electricity up his wrist and down his spine. "How much?" he asked finally, sounding annoyed at her existance , he wanted to leave the dark shop as soon as possible. "It's free." came the girls reply "but next time you come you'll have to pay." she added as she turned on her heel and walked back to the counter. "I don't take charity." he said, but Mokuba pulled him away by the sleeve "let's go Seto." he said "Oh, Mokuba. Stay away from the blonde girl with the red balloon." Tsuki said camly as she served a return customer "Oh and you should hurry up going back, its about to rain." she added as they walked out into the sunshine filled street.

"She's cool, Don't you think so Seto?" Mokuba asked as he walked along the street, the words 'stay away from the blonde girl..' echoing somewhere in the back of his mind.

Seto rolled his eyes "rather crazy if you ask me." he answered as he pocketed the small bag and walked along the street, soon enough cold raindrops began pouring down from the sky....

((bah, this is kind of bad, I am going to have to re-write it....well only when I get my internet back))

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