Harry Potter Meets Twilight by. RJVD and hpfannnnn(me)

okay so I accidentally deleted this by accident. So I'm rewriting it RJ will write all the twilight parts and I will write all the harry potter parts

Chapter 1

Today's The day

Ginny Potter walked up the stairs to her kids' rooms, she banged on the first door "James get up, we're leaving in an hour and your father needs you to go with him to look for Teddy". She then went to the second door and banged "Albus wake up, get dressed and get your sister dressed, today's the day!"

Albus grumbled out of his bed and walked over to the wall separating his room from his sister's Lily. And he pulled the framed picture of his family off the wall to reveal a large hole "LILY WAKE UP, MOM SAID TODAY'S THE DAY" Albus yelled into the hole "Whatever that means" he mumbled. Lily got up and took down her "Weird Sisters Of The Now" poster that covered the giant hole "Today's the day what's that s'posed to-TODAY'S THE DAY!!!!!" Albus stared at Lily in anger "What does that even mean?!?!". Lily rolled her eyes "Don't you ever listen to Dad? We're going to the Quidditch World Cup today!! The HolyHead Harpies against the Chudley Cannons! THIS IS GONNA BE AWESOME!!!!"

James walked over to his Chudley Cannons poster and banged on the wall above it "ALBUS ARE YOU READY??" Albus ran to the wall where his Montrose Magpies poster hung. The boys carefully removed their quidditch poster from their bedroom walls to reveal yet another hole "You bet I'm ready!" he said, all jittery. "Alright I'm gonna go help Dad find Teddy, you and Lily get dressed and when I get back we'll all go and see Uncle Ron and Aunt Hermione" James said. Albus nodded and quickly put his poster back up. Lily did the same with her Weird Sister's poster and Albus put the family photo back up, and the two younger siblings got dressed.

James walked down stairs to meet his dad in the family room. They walked outside to the forest near their house. Harry had to light his wand halfway through the forest "Lumos" he whispered. After a few minutes of searching, Harry and James heard growling noises "Teddy?" Harry said quietly, "Harry help" was the faint answer. Harry and James carried Teddy back to the house where they cleaned him up, and then they were off.

The drive

"Okay guys," Harry said in the car as they drove to an abandoned lot, "We're gonna go to Forks Washington, this place is infested with vampires so be careful"

A few minutes later they met with Ron, Hermione, Rose, Hugo, and Victorie. "Okay," Ron said starting a long-ish lecture "So, everyone grab onto this can right here, and we'll be transported to Forks, where the quidditch world cup will be taking place". Everyone grabbed onto the can, and were instantly transported to Forks, everyone had the creepy feeling they were being watched, and they were right. For in a small house not too far away from where they were standing, there lived a family...........

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