Another preview of one of my near done books.

Sorry to do this again, but I won't be adding any but this one chapter. I want to give you a preview to see what you think. It's not my usual styling, but I hope you like it! :)

Chapter 1

Beyond the Lilies

Milena Mirabelle Kent was fifteen when her mother's stony voice demanded her responsibilities, practically splashing water on her face and telling her to get over her sister's death, to suck it up.
But Milena didn't want to suck it up. She still needed time to mourn. True it had been nearly six years, and it felt she's need a lifetime to move past the pain and hurt.
"It's yours now, darling. You must claim it with honor and loyalty," Regina Kent told her teenager. "The Kingdom needs a new queen when your father and I can no longer serve."
"Then have cousin Faye have it. The throne is no place for me." Milena looked sadly out her bedroom window, her eyes watering up. The throne was Lily's. Lily would've been a perfect queen with her prince and child on the way. A great royal family to rule the kingdom. I have no place her, Milena thought coldly. This is my sister's destiny, not mine. least WAS her destiny. Another look out the window, to the garden of blooming lilies.
"MIlena," The Queen's voice was on it's way to cracking mirrors with the sharp tone she adopted. "Tomorrow, you will choose your husband. That's final. You will be ready to take on your duty, or else."
Milena looked sadly at her mother. She felt bad for her, the cold woman. She had fond memories of her mom, but they all stopped after Lily's death. That was when the smile turned bitter, the voice turned hard, and the eyes lost their magic feeling. They were sunk into her head, black and dead. But Milena knew she didn't mean to be that way. It was her own way of mourning, even if she refused the idea that she wasn't over losing her first child. But the last time Milena had seen her mother's genuine, soft facial expressions was when she left for the courtyard to the funeral, leaving a stubborn ten year old to cry in her closet, refusing an inch of movement towards the door her mother walked through and never entered the same again.

When the Queen left, Milena hustled around her room hurriedly, stuffing clothes and supplies into a medium sized drawstring bag she'd watched a servant make for her when she was a little girl. Her chest heaved with sorrow thinking of how upset her parents would be when they found her missing tomorrow. It was all she could do not to cry and confess her plans over dinner. She took long looks at her parents, her home. Then she swallowed a few bites of chicken and excused herself to her room, where she began the wait til nightfall when she tied her many blankets together, threw them out the window while tied to her bedpost, and reached for her bag. Slowly she lowered herself just below the window and made her way down.


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