Just a quick few things to tell you all! :)

Chapter 1

Quick little notes, announcements:)

Hey, so sorry I haven't been on in a while. But exciting things are happening! :) I'm writing two books and will hopefully get the published soon after they're done. Ones going to be a series more than likely, while the other a single.
But not only that little information, but also I'm going to sign with a talent agency and do some print model and earn my way to singing lessons because that's what I really do. And then I may do some acting workshops and get to some auditions and really just let my career take off. So exciting, right?

I am sorry that I won't be on very often, but I will be writing some small fan fiction sotries, not just about Harry Potter (which the last one is coming in less than 30 days!!! I have so many mixed emotions! I'm going to cry in the movie theater, likely as not!)

Anyway, I hope you all are doing well :D


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