Can't we just fall in Love? : A Harry Potter Love Story: Year 2

So this is going to be the rest of year 2 on this story ,,,,,sorry if it confusing! I have confused you guys sooo much with story , but I hope you like it!!!!
Love '

Chapter 3

Its the weather.............

When we get around the cornor searching for a way to get to the Dungeons I see a fimiliar red head, it was Percy...Just the person we needed to see right now! Great!
"What are you three doing walking around the castle at this time?"He asked,
I would have told him we were using 'PolyJuice' potion to change into theres Baffuns but since he's a Perfect and a very strict older cousin I was going to keep our mouth shut.
"Uh umm we were-" I start to say but then Draco comes from behind us stopping me from talking anymore
"What the heck are you three doing talking to a Weasley?" He says, I hated the way he talked like he owned all of us or something
"I wouldn't talk to a Perfect like that" Percy says
"Please you can't get us in Trouble your not even from our house" Draco smirks then looks at me then looks at Percy but then looks back at me.
"Pansy ..what are you doing here I thought you went with your parents?" Draco says
"Uh umm....they got the flu and told me to stay here..." I say with about no cofidents what so ever...again I really need to hand around Fred and George more.
"Ok then......lets go ....if you don't mind Wealey" Draco says and Pushes Percy out of the way. Harry looks at me and I shrug walking behind Malfoy.
When we got to the common room, sit down on the couch next to 'Malfoy' ....ya very gross, but Harry and Ron sat across from us in two arm chairs,
"So your parents got the flu?" He asks as if he doesn't beleive me, I wouldn't believe myself either though.
"Yes ...they did" I say and he looks at me and rolls his eyes
"So have any idea who the 'heir' of Slytherin might be?" Harry , I mean Goyle, no Harry asks.
"I Don't know Goyle if I did I'd tell you , besides haven't you asked me this question before?!" Malfoy says using his 'I own everyone' voice again.
"Well who do you think it is?" I ask
"Beats me but Potter could be a good canidate after the snake talking accident, gosh that Potter is a freak, and even Dumbledore beleive he didn't do anything, that old kook (sp?) probably the worst thing thats happened to Hogwarts" Malfoy says, Man I really wanted to just wack him right now, but I have to stay in character..or do I?
"Thats not true!" Goyle aka Harry says very angeryly
"Who else would it be?" he asks
"......True very true Goyle and those Weasleys too there freaks also" He says...Ok now you insult my family you are totally gonna get it even if I'm Pansy!
He get up and I stick my foot out tripping him. He's on the floor and I look at Harry and Ron who are chuckling at me I smile at them.
"Whats wrong with you three today?" Malfoy says almost shouting at us while standing back up.
"Ahh the weather makes us all crazy this time of year" I reply and he turns around rolling his eyes at me. Then Ron looks at me rubbing his neck
"What " I lip to him
"Your neck and your hair its-" he lips back, I touch my hair it feels longer and wavy-er, then my neck , on the right side my scar is coming back the cloud shape of it forming again, I trace it , its all there and the 'PolyJuice' has stopped working
I look over at Harry and Ron who are freaking out over Harrys scar and Rons red hair coming back, I widen my eyes as I look at them, they look back at me eyeing the door I nodd my head and we start running out with Malfoy yelling at us.
"What the Hell is wrong with you guys!" He shouts as we run out me holding my hair up so he doesn't notice its going back to its normal color.
"It's the weather I told you!" I shout back, as we make our escape.
"That-tripping Malfoy was brilliant" Harry says, not back to his Harry form.
"Thank you" I bow totally letting my hair fall then flipping back
"Now where Hermione?" Harry asks
"I dunno maybe still in the bathroom" I say starting to walk back into the bathroom
"Mione are you in here" I say
"Uh ya but I don't think you want to see me" She says quietly , I look over at Harry while Ron walks over to the mirror
"Why?" I ask and she opens the stale door.

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