Can't we just fall in Love? : A Harry Potter Love Story: Year 2

So this is going to be the rest of year 2 on this story ,,,,,sorry if it confusing! I have confused you guys sooo much with story , but I hope you like it!!!!
Love '

Chapter 2

Looking like the Enemy.......

We headed to the girls bathroom, where no one went, of course because of the creepy ghost Mertle.
"Do you have the hair?" Mione asks me and I hand her the hairs I got off of Pansy.
'Looks like a little too much" She says
"Well if thats a refrence to the bald spot I gave her, then no its not alot" I say smiling a lot at her.
"As soon as the boys come back we can ...drink it" she says stirring it around a little.
"Gosh that looks disgusting" I say eyeing the green sluge we were moments away from drinking......:-(
"Ya I know" she says sniffing it then instantly has a very disgusted face, I laugh at it just because it was so funny.
~~~~20 minutes later~~~~~
Me and Mione were just sitting there waiting for Harry and Ron to come back, after a while they finally show up...
"There you guys are" I say jumping off the floor.
"Got the hair?" Hermione asks
"Yes" they say in unisin, and we walk over to the sinks where the 'Juice' was.
Hermione pours four cups of Poly Juice potion and hands it to each of us.
"Now put the hair in and" she says
"And what?" I say almost gagging at the sight of it.
"And drink it" she says and we all look at each other
"Ok then...Cheers" I say, pluge my nose and swallow it, It tasted like.....chunky,green slime with a hint of straw, pretty bad.
We all finnished it and I felt a werid feeling in my stomach, like I was I was going to puke.....I AM GOING TO PUKE!!!!
I drop my glass on the floor letting it smash and run over to the other side of the sink just in case.
'Just don't puke infront of everyone' I think to myself then my face feels strange like a tingling feeling in my cheeks then in my forhead, I look at the mirror and my hair seems to be shrinking litterly like its getting shorter, it gets to a 'bob' length then my , honey brown hair goes dark black my eyes change colors and I look nothing like myself....I look exactly like Pansy Parkison.....
"Oh eww now I might actually throw up now" I exclaim
"Why?" Harry asks in his voice but It looked nothing like him when I walked back over he looked like Goyle
"Oh my gosh you look like.....Goyle!" I burst out laughing and then he does
"You look like Pansy!" He says then Ron walks out and he looks like...well of course Crabe.
"Ok ok I don't know why this is soo funny but its time for some serious bussiness" I say tapping my fingers together....we all look at each other then start laughing again. When we calm down I notice that Hermione isn't with us.
"Wheres Mione?" I ask and they just shrug.
"I'm-I'm not gonna come with you guys this time" Hermione says from inside a stale, I walk over to it.
"Are you ok?" I ask
''Ya just go without me ok?!" She says
"Ok then" I say then walk away
"Whats wrong?" Ron asks
"She didn't tell me" I say starting to walk away with them running after me
"I thought you two were 'BFF's" Ron says quoteing BFF's with his fingers
"No were BFFL's" I say copying Ron's action
"Whats BFFLs" Harry asks quoting with his fingers like me and Ron.
"Best Friends For Life" I say "And she doesn't tell me everything , well we tell each other everything but stuff like that might be ...embarssing!"
"Oh well then" He says
"Are we BFFLS" Harry asks, then I smile
"Maybe" I reply then Ron rolls his eyes at us,
"So back to 'Serious bussiness' " Ron says ( ok just so you know ' ' is going to be finger quotes for this chapter) " Where do we expect to find Malfoy"
"Well since when were we 'Serious' people?" I ask
"Since 'Now' "Harry says
"Well maybe the common room?" I say
"where the common room?" Harry asks
"Beats me...maybe in the dungeon with the rest of the 'dorks' " I say
"Good point" Ron says as we go around the cornor looking for the dungeons......

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