Can't we just fall in Love? : A Harry Potter Love Story: Year 2

So this is going to be the rest of year 2 on this story ,,,,,sorry if it confusing! I have confused you guys sooo much with story , but I hope you like it!!!!
Love '

Chapter 1


"So what do you need?" I ask
"Well the slackers here still haven't gotton any hair from Crabe and Goyle so .....have any ideas?" She says pleadingly which isn't normal for Mione usally she's very confident.
"Hmmm well they need something to knock them out or something.." I say putting my finger to my lip.
"Yes but how are we going to get them to become 'knocked out'" Harry says.....I think a little about it and remember potions class.
Which was strange cause I don't pay attention that much in that class because of Snape but for the most part I am very good at it.
"Ok I have an two stay here and me and Mione will go to the kitchen " I say standing up
"Whatever then" Ron says
"See you at dinner you two" I say then walk out with Mione
"So whats the big idea?" She asks trotting after me.
"You know that they like food right?" I say then she motions me to continue with her hand.
"So if we stick some of that sleeping potion thingy in it and wall-a they are asleep and Harry and Ron can pluck some hairs off their heads!" I say
"Sleeping thingy?" she says " You mean Sleeping Draught?"
"Yes that" I say and we sneak into the kitchen, I look left and right to make sure no one was really around
"So what were you and Harry doing?" she asks coming up behind me as I walk over to the oven.
"Nothing" I stay trying to keep a straight face
"Sure" She say with much sarcasum
"We weren't doing anything" I say now smiling remembering what happened
"Come on tell me" She begs me
"All that happened was I dumped some snow on his head so he wanted to get me back by covering my eyes with my hat...there you happy now?!" I say quickly
"And you two were holding hands again" she squeals
"Ya cause I couldn't see so I had too" I smirk
"But you enjoyed it didn't you" She says but I try not to smile " Didn't did!"
"Maybe a little" I say quietly grabbing a couple bowls
"Anything else happen?"
"I said he looked cute in my hat......" I say still quietly out of some sort of embarrassment.
"I knew it!" She says loudly throwing her hands in the air then putting them on the table and looks at me....smiling, I smile back I can't help it I'm a smily person.
''Why don't you go make or find that sleeping draught" I say laughing at her.
"Fine but....can you even cook?" she asks
"Oh Mione theres alot of thing I can do you don't know about!" I answer
"Should I take that as a 'Yes'?"
"Umhhmmm" I say
"Ok well I'll be back then" she says then leaves, leaving me baking ...something.
My God mum taught me how to make cupcakes, cookies and cakes so I have some experience and she said I was good, anyway I should get cooking!
I measure flour and whatever other ingredients I could find, I had to substituting somethings I couldn't find. Then Hermione came in with the sleeping draught
"Ready for it?" she asks
"Yups" I say and taking the 'sleeping draught' from her hands. I put the sleeping potion only in 3 cupcakes (just in case something happened to the other ones) leaving the rest for us for later. Then I stick them all in the magic oven, which only takes a couple of minutes to cook. Yay for Magic!
"Ok so there ready!" I say taking them out of the oven. Almost burning my hands on them.
"Great lets go find the boys and get the polyjuice ready!" She says and I magically send the rest of the cupcakes to my room and run off with Mione to the great hall.
"Guys figure it out?" Ron says with a mouth full of food
"Uh yes and I am suddenly not hunger anymore" I say giving Ron a disgusted look.
"Ok then what are we doing with theses?" Harry aks as I hand them both the cupcakes, Ron almost eats but I stop him.
"Your going to get Crabe and Goyle to eat this somehow" I say
"Hows that going to help?"Ron asks swallowing his food.
"You guys are missing the point" Hermione says " The cupcakes Fi here made has a sleeping potion in it"
But they still have blank looks on their faces.
"Huh you two" I sigh "When Crabe and Goyle eat it they will go sleppy then Harry and Ron can pluck hair off of their heads" I finnish using 'Baby Language'
"Thats Brilliant!" Harry says
"So you guys can handle this right...all you have to do is find a way for them to eat it" Hermione asks
"I think we can handle this Hermione" Ron says rolling his eyes
"Well were going to go check on the potion, meet us up there once your done giving them a hair cut" Hermione says starting to leave
''Don't mess this up" I say with a smile pointing my finger at them.
"Will do" Harry says and we both smile then I run off after Mione.

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