Pirate Blood Never Runs Shallow

Pirate Blood Never Runs Shallow

So I've always loved Pirates of the Caribbean, and the new movie coming out last month brought that love up from the depths, much like Davy raising the Pearl. So I decided to write a fan fiction about these excellent movies, with the time set after On Stranger Tides. So basically when Jack Sparrow (er, sorry, CAPTAIN) and Gibbs make it to Tortuga and look to find a crew, but first to get The Black Pearl out of the bottle Blackbeard has manuevered it into.

Chapter 3

Sure and Zemis

"What do I have to do with the Pearl? I have my own ship. A better one at that." Barbossa gestured around the cabin with his chin, since he was still tied tightly by his hands. But I could tell he felt better when Jack's lip curled at his comment.
"Exactly. Your own ship. But the person you took it from..." I circled his chair, pretending to think, "Blackbeard, hmm? The same man who claimed the Pearl...and saved her in this here bottle."
Barbossa blinked and I saw realization reach his eyes. He'd finally put two and two together. "And you think I know how to get her out?"
Jack stared at Barbossa, then at me, eyebrows contracting. "How would Barbossa know how to get her out? Did you see him put her in?" The first question was to me, the second the other captain.
Barbossa chuckled and throaty laugh, shook his head. "Weren't you paying attention those months ago, Jack?" He made a motion to his wooden leg. I wondered, momentarily, how any person could laugh about a lost, ripped off leg. Then I got the message. Barbossa hadn't seen the Pearl sucked into the bottle because he'd been far busy cutting off his own foot.
"But you do know. Or at least, Blackbeard knows."
"Knew," Jack corrected. "Haven't you been listening?"
"No, knows." I repeat simply, enjoying the look of confused frustration on the pirate's face before turning around with the Pearl and making my way throughout the cabin, until I find a large, hidden cabinet. I place my hands gently against both doors, listening. "Vector." I bark out the name of a random crew member.
Vector makes his way over quickly. "Open it." I command, stepping aside. I must be sure.
He obeys, opening the lush cherrywood doors...
And small canon fires, taking his head to the floor by Barbossa's crew's feet.
I am sure.
Trying hard to act like nothing had happened, I step over the body and peer inside the cabinet. The booby trap was empty, thank Calypso. But what was in there was supplies. All of it, tweazers and clips, were for getting a ship IN the bottle. None of getting it out.
"What did ya find?" Jack avoided the body too, only giving it a half pitying, half disgusted look.
"Well, we know how to get it in..." I say quietly. "It's just getting it out we have to find."
Jack looked all around, then looked at me questioningly, obviously thinking hard. "But how would he get it small enough.." He muttered, eyes roving the Pearl.
Suddenly I jumped up, ran out of the cabin. Out on deck, it was nearly sunrise. Beautiful really, my home was, but I had no time for it now. I shot up the stairs and to the chartroom. I could tell Jack was following closely, his footsteps unsure and frantic. His mind was probably only on his beloved ship which I held in my hands.
Inside the chartroom, I found...well, charts. But also maps, courses, and writings. Many of which I didn't understand. One chart in particular, reading "Zemis" on a scrap of parchment. Several different courses were listed, all over the Caribbean. The nearest being Jamaica.
"Captain Jack," I said, turning. "We have out course."

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