Pirate Blood Never Runs Shallow

Pirate Blood Never Runs Shallow

So I've always loved Pirates of the Caribbean, and the new movie coming out last month brought that love up from the depths, much like Davy raising the Pearl. So I decided to write a fan fiction about these excellent movies, with the time set after On Stranger Tides. So basically when Jack Sparrow (er, sorry, CAPTAIN) and Gibbs make it to Tortuga and look to find a crew, but first to get The Black Pearl out of the bottle Blackbeard has manuevered it into.

Chapter 2

What we intend to set free

"Tie 'er up good, you scalliwags. I won't have me prize stolen before a moon has barely passed since I got 'er." I ordered my new crew, observing their handiwork with the ropes before deciding it was good enough and dismissing them to the pub. Tortuga was lit up like every other night, but tonight, I thought, it looked a bit more freeing.
When they entered the large room, the strong smell of rum and beer greeted them, along with man sweat and pig. All of the pirates were used to it though, as they had been here more than enough times. Immediately they split into small clusters, ordering drinks and catching up with spotted old friends. I, however, kept turning so as to see is ship, making sure no one dare touch the beauty I'd gotten from Blackbeard himself. After a few minutes, I spotted a small figure crossing the dock, climbing...onto the Queen Anne's Revenge.
In a hurry, I pumped my good leg best I could while clutching the cane urgently. Within a minute I was onto the docks and drawing my pistol.
"Who be there? Off my ship, or I'll have y'r head!" I shouted. Distracted, I waved the pistol around, trying to detect movement.
But suddenly a gun was pressed to my ear, a hand over mine holding the pistol so to keep it from coming up to shoot the culprit...

When I woke, I was tied and gagged, along with the rest of the crew. Jack Sparrow stood in front of me, smiling slightly. "Hector, we meet again. Quite funny, it's as if we're magnets." He chuckled as if this was the most curious thing in the seas.
"Jack. What do you want?" I growled slowly, eyes popping.
Jack cocked his head to one side, eyebrows pulling together. "I know what I want but I don't know how you could possibly help." He pulled his compass out, flicked it open and showed it to the other pirate. It was pointing at me.
"If I can't help, why be my crew and I bound up here, on our own ship?"
Jack was about to say something, when a little girl entered the room and observed the audience with something a bit like...pleasure?
"Who be this, Jack? I thought you left Angelica?" I asked.
"What? What, you think--no no no. See, Angelica and I were never..."he glanced at the girl. "Angelica and I. So therefore she cannot be my da-da-- offspring."
The girl scoffed, "Of course not. That would involve commitment, which I figured out Jack has very little of, and for only one thing." She glanced at Jack and he nodded, resigned. I gasped a little, as I'd never seen Jack Sparrow resign to anything or anyone, tell or gesture that what they said was right. He'd never let anyone else run the show without a fight, but he was now.
The youngster stepped forward. "My name's Avariella. You can call me Ava or Ella. I don't care. But there's something Jack wants that I know how to help. Or at least, I know you know how to help." She spoke quietly, yet I and the rest of the crew heard her as clear as if she were screaming and demanding. She smiled a little at the way her powerful words floated over us all, like a soft haze of smoke.
"What help can I be?" I asked suspiciously.
"Well, now, I think you know. Since you're running the ship of the man who imprisoned what we intend to set free."
"And what would that be?"
Jack pulled a clear glass bottle out of his overcoat, handed it to Ava. She brought it to my face, to my eyes and spoke again. "The Black Pearl, Mr. Barbossa."

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